what is up everybody it’s ya boy ddoggvlogs here with another insane adventure today’s adventure we’re going to a very creepy house in the middle of nowhere Carlo is literally dropping us off and he’s gonna drive away we’re in the middle of nowhere I’m joined by Tae Official we’re gonna be the only ones […]

Private Plantation Destination Wedding Charleston, SC

Carrie and Chad Reynolds Treasures Decorated dock The beautiful bride The ceremony begins, Carrie and her dad Dock wedding, the views couldn’t be more beautiful. Vows are spoken Rings exchanged Chad, you may kiss your bride The family The newlyweds Carrie and Maddie Chad and Maddie Playing in the swing Bouquet and rings Beautiful view […]

Welcome to Orchard Ridge Elementary

Welcome to Orchard Ridge Elementary! I’m Becky Kundert, the principal at Orchard Ridge. We are a true neighborhood school. We’re really excited to be able to show with you our building and some highlights of our school, so please come on with me! All right, so this is the main entrance. As you enter Orchard […]

Summer Home Orchard Care — Family Plot

♪♪♪ Alright, Mister D. Let’s talk about home orchard care. Okay. And we actually just learned something. Maybe we can hang one of these hummingbird feeders in our orchard to take care of those little insects. We thank Mitch for that information for sure. It’d be worth trying. Yeah. The thing that, you know.. I […]

Visiting a TEA PLANTATION in Sao Miguel Azores #3 | Ace Coolture

Right now we are at the only and the oldest tea plantation in Europe, this is CHA GORREANA this huge plantation has been here since 1883 and they make about 40 tons of tea per year. This is the tea plant, as we know it. We visited the factory inside the way they toast the […]

3928 Hacienda St, San Mateo, California, Presented by The Sharp Group, Peninsula Estate

*Now Priced at $1,898,000* This fresh, young (built in 2003) and stylish residence is located in the sought-after Westside San Mateo neighborhood, and offers an expansive and open floor plan with approximately 2,690 square feet. The spacious living and dining rooms, combined with the gourmet eat-in kitchen and adjacent family room, offer a wonderful and […]

Nuevo Requerimiento de Hacienda, Planilla TRIMESTRAL para Servicios Profesionales y otros pagos

Puerto Rican businessman attending beginning in January first of 2019 they have additional responsibilities with Hacienda (Treasury), you have to report quarterly starting now in 2019 certain transactions that before you have to report and you have to keep depositing monthly to the retention as you go by doing NOT doing it and NOT complying […]

FEMA Accessible: Shelter in Place During a Disaster

If local officials give the order to shelter in place, take action to do so immediately. The risk of rapid, severe flooding and flying debris is extremely high. If you are in a high rise building and need to shelter in place, go to the first or second floor hallways or interior rooms. You want […]

The Tadich Grill, Slow Hand BBQ, Tay Ho Oakland Restaurant & Bar: Check, Please! Bay Area reviews

 A KQED television production. ♪♪ Sbrocco: Another umami bomb! O’Brien: Umami bomb! ♪♪ Sbrocco: Hi. I’m Leslie Sbrocco. Welcome to “Check, Please! Bay Area,” the show where regular Bay Area residents review and talk about their favorite restaurants. We have three guests, and each one recommends one of their favorite spots, and the other two […]

STAY AWAY From This Island!

From its evolutionary history to the gruesome legends surrounding it, here’s why you should stay away from this island: Number 7 Ilha da Queimada Grande This island has crystal-clear waters, a lush rainforest and a mild climate that’s typically between 65 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. From the outside, Ilha da Queimada Grande, located about 21 […]