[4K] Mountain rat, yam and dark, survival in the forest, episode 14

Squirrels usually move through the vines An old banana tree will give us a lot of water in a long time Small rain A yam vine If lucky, we will can have a delicious breakfast Their tubers are usually deep inside the ground but this time is different They’re really buttery So delicious It has […]

[4K] Hammock, basket and farmland, survival in the forest, episode 15

After the rain, it’s bright again A big wild palm tree Like bamboo, palm tree is a very useful tree Their leaves can be used to thatching the shelter or used to weave hammocks They are firm, durable and soft A forest rattan bush with a lot of thorns but these new shoots are eatable […]

Who is the Red Man? [The Forest]

Before continuing this video I want to remind everyone that there will be spoilers of the whole story ahead so please watch at your own discretion Many people have reported that they have seen a red man or red cannibal appearing in front of the yacht and vanishing without a trace as you can see […]

[4K] Farming and hunting, survival in the forest, episode 16

It is currently the beginning of Spring Many kinds of tuber plants starts growing This place has so many yam vines Their tubers are on their stem They will grow if they are exposed to moist soil They can be harvested at the end of Autumn A few strange fruits which are often eaten by […]

Tomb Raider (2013), Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 – Forest Hunter

Oh god, what’s going on here? Wait, i can use that bow. I can do this. Let’s see if this thing still works. Just remember Roth’s training. – You can have the best form and technique in the world, but it won’t mean a thing if you can’t focus. The key to using any weapon […]

Build a hut under the rain, episode 9, survival in the forest

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HOW TO DUPE ARROWS IN THE FOREST 2019 (Multiplayer Glitch)

all right everybody nuclear here and today I got a juicy little narrow glitch for you in the forest let’s do this shit so we were just just playing the forest on stream you know we’re having a good time on a twitch TV slash nuclear a cup of coffee of course we were playing […]

THE FOREST (YELLING AT GAMES) – The Forest Funny Moments & Glitches

We are in a plane Who are you Let go of me Service sucks on this plane Son, we are going to die. You are going to die a virgin. What the fuck are you looking at? Oh my god my hands are dirty Why are you not wearing pants? Bunnies! I am clean! Lufthansa […]

Worms and crabs, episode 4, survival in the forest

In dry season, forests become harsh A fallen tree with a bad smell It’s a indication of the impact here which are the insects – they’re eating inside the tree The delicious and greasy worms For long-term survival, a stable food supply is required Small streams often have amphibians A crab It’s quite fishy and […]

WHERE’S MY BOY! | The Forest – Part 15

My name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to the forest. It’s been a really long time. I think it’s actually been two years Well two and a half cuz the last time. I think I played this was like March 2015 and The game wasn’t even finished back then I’ve heard that the game has […]