Montana’s Changing Climate: Session 3 — Montana’s Climate Assessment: Agriculture

Hi. My name is Anna Tuttle. I’m the program manager here at the Institute on Ecosystems and I work with Bruce Maxwell for the Montana climate assessment projects that we’re on. Before I introduce Bruce I just want to make sure you guys have an understanding of this web layout in front of you in […]

10 Ways We Might Colonize the Galaxy

One of the great questions regarding the future of humanity is what are we going to do with the Milky Way. The Fermi Paradox shows us that, so far as we can see, it’s wide open and ripe for the picking … if we can get out there. And while great distances and energy required […]

FARMER JACK | Hitman #6

Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye! and welcome back to Hitman! The new episode is finally out. We can get back into the world of Mr. Bald-A-Tron here. And now we’re in Colorado. Any of you from Colorado out there? Lovely place. I really like the look of it already. […]

Education as vehicle of change for regenerative agriculture

I think change is is something that keeps this sort of creative and alive and excited and I’m like a changed junkie. Give me something new and creative all the time and that’s how I feel about change. For humanity it’s the same as my feeling about change in that change is good for us […]

Timber Rattlesnake | Indiana DNR

The tell-tale sign that it is a rattlesnake is that of course it is rattling its tail. But most folks don’t know that a lot of snakes rattle their tails to mimic a rattlesnake. Water snakes, rat snakes, different types of black snakes, even garter snakes will shake their tails to mimic a rattlesnake.

The McGee Home Exterior

The time is finally here we are sharing at the McGee home with you, we have been designing everyone else’s dream homes and living in rentals for the past five years and now it is our turn our dream of building a house for our family is coming to life! It has been a really […]

Why Climate Change is Now Inevitable | Unveiled

While humanity has historically conjured up all kinds of bizarre, doomsday scenarios to be scared of, few have been as tangible or credible as climate change. Reports vary on exactly how severe the situation is and what adjustments we need to make to save ourselves, but the increasing majority of scientists are in agreement: climate […]

The Victorian Kitchen| Episode 7: A Weekend of Work

Hi it is Friday night at 4:36 brandon is going to be off work very very soon. Then we are going to get Chipotle. Then we have to buy some supplies for what we’re doing this weekend. And so I wanted to invite you along on a weekend of work with us. All right, let’s […]

How to Make a New House Look Old

– This question, how do I make a new house look old? There is something about old houses that just feels intangibly different and why is that? Building a house is a series of choices. The builders decided to put something there, or put something there, or put something over here. So theoretically if we […]

The value of eco systems in regenerative agriculture

We are now in the sixth greatest extinction event in the history of Earth this time caused by Humans. And I’m talking about runaway events in climate and biodiversity you know a million species at least now made extinct and without diversity you’re not going to have a stable functioning organism, Earth organism. So it’s […]