Transition to Agriculture | Big History Project

Hello, we’ve been talking about the agriculture revolution, arguably the most significant transition in all of human history. I’d like to think a little bit more about that with you today by considering two questions in particular. Firstly, why do big historians make this argument that this transition to farming is so important? All right. […]

Trees and Squirrels (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

[ Silence ] [ Students quietly talking ] Good. Now we’re going to move to my next game, which is Trees and Squirrels. Now, what I’m going to do, I’m going to — my trees. How do we make a tree? Stand up, here, Jesus. If I put you guys as a partner, okay, you’re […]

Why Was Agriculture So Important? | Big History Project

Imagine you woke up one morning and there were no grocery stores, no restaurants, no supermarkets. No problem. You’d probably go out and forage for your food like a traditional forager. Could you do it? Well, the truth is, in today’s world, with seven billion humans to feed, foraging couldn’t come near to providing enough […]

“Nature’s Classroom” – Forest kindergartens in the Tennessee valley

Support for Greater Chattanooga is provided by EPB fiber optics and UNUM. I like to go in the forest and see plants a lot. You can smell them by just doing this. Smell! Being outside with no walls around you, just that open sky, that freedom, I think is what children need. There’s something about […]

Threshold 7: Agriculture | Big History Project

NARRATOR: The last Ice Age ended a little over 10,000 years ago. At that point, human communities in different parts of the world began using a range of new technologies to increase the energy and resources they could extract from their environments. We call these new technologies agriculture, and its development is our seventh threshold. […]

Learn Colors and Decorate the Tree with Shawn the Train

Hey! I know where there is a big tree we can decorate. Are you ready to decorate the Christmas tree? Look! All my ornaments are different colors. I have YELLOW, ORANGE, RED, PURPLE, BLUE, GREEN. Ok. Now let’s go put them on the tree! Benny: “Excuse me, I’ve got to get to the North Pole!” […]

Simple Sentence Trees

Welcome avid learner of linguistics! I thought it was about time I made a video about syntax. So here’s something very basic: How to draw simple sentence trees. Let us first take a look into what we would need for such a tree. When we draw tree diagrams and syntax, we can classify pieces of […]