Greenhouses Increase Income in Mozambique

Several small farmers are learning to get profit out of their land; they are financed, receiving equipment/assets and they are learning how to do more and better. iDE is responsible for the idea that is changing the lives of many beneficiaries. From this organization, thousands of farmers found what they never had: an opportunity to […]

‘Indigenous Rice Seeds’ central to sustainable farming in India.

If we talk about Central Rice Institute, Hazaribag There are six hundred types of noted varieties of seeds from uplands Today we see, there are hardly 10 to 12 varieties of seeds left in the villages. It may be even less Tribal farmers have preserved indigenous seeds better than the what we call mainland farmers […]

The Futuristic Farms That Will Feed the World | Freethink | Future of Food

And that gives a little bit of an indication of the pressure on the food system. We just face a huge challenge. With the growth in population, with the change in consumption behavior. With the climate crisis, how do you secure your food production? The real secret is the sustainable production. It should be with […]

Sustainable Cities Can’t Rely on Concrete. Here’s Why Timber Could Be the Future of Construction

Timber is set to be the material of the 21st century, the material of the future rather than steel or concrete because steel and concrete are incredibly polluting. The cement industry is one of the biggest contributors to carbon dioxide emissions and timber is of course carbon neutral. So, my name is Gilles Retsin. I’m […]

III.Tèrra de Lutz – Trees fall but the forest still grows

I’ve long felt the drive to change my life To do a 180 degrees turn.. My sister also shared this desire We had left our jobs And I had left my apartment in Paris We thought “Let’s do it! We have nothing to lose” “let’s find properties where we could build this eco-community”. It brought […]

President Obama Speaks on Supporting Agriculture to Fight Hunger

The President: Well, good morning, everybody. Thank you, Catherine Bertini, and Dan Glickman and everyone at the Chicago Council. We were originally going to convene, along with the G8, in Chicago. But since we’re not doing this in my hometown, I wanted to bring a little bit of Chicago to Washington. (laughter) It is wonderful […]

The Aranya story: turning barren land into a food forest using permaculture

My name is Padma Koppula, This farm is Around 11.5 acres of land In the year of 1997, We purchased this land After 1 year, It was like how we can about it. Its dryland, what can we do and all other thing, We had some discussions And Before that when me and Narasanna used […]

Le Trip du Rouxtard : Episode 3 – Mr Vieng’s Organic Coffee Plantation

“Le Trip du Rouxtard” Hello buddies! Sabaidee! (hello in Lao) Welcome to the new episode of “Le Trip du RouxTard”! The guy who travel the world to meet Sustainable Development Activists The Bolaven Plateau I am currently in the Bolaven Plateau, a region in the south of Laos. This region is very famous for it […]