Sustainable Agriculture Forum Part 1: Keynote Speakers

Boulder County Presents: Sustainable Agriculture Forum November 6, 2010 Silver Creek High School Part 1: Keynote address Cindy Domenico: Good afternoon everyone, we are so happy that you are all here today. Want to say welcome to all of you. And also we are honored to have our panel, who will be speaking with us […]

The Future Of Vertical Farming

– [Narrator] In the last video, we identified energy consumption as the primary barrier to plant factories having a big impact on the world and learned how vital improving absolute yield is to improving their energy efficiency. We also looked at a number of ways that future vertical farms can boost yield, lower their energy […]

Floating Farm Takes Sustainable Agriculture to the Next Level

– First of all, very welcome at the first floating farm in the world. My name is Peter, and we are here in the Port of Rotterdam. We’re designing, developing, engineering floating farms on the water. It’s a challenge in the world to find space inside cities to produce healthy food very close to consumers. […]

Aqua-4D Agriculture : How it works

There is no food without agriculture, and there is no agriculture without water. Most of the freshwater withdrawals, about 70%, are, in fact, for agriculture, but that isn’t enough to sustain the agricultural development. Water is becoming scarcer, droughts are becoming a big problem, and together with high levels of soil salinization and nematodes infections, […]

Sustainable Agriculture Fellows: Reflections from 2015 Nebraska Trip

My interest in the Sarah fellows program began with a colleague has so many things do an extension Marlin bates suggested that I apply he planted a glowing picture the value of his experience And so I followed his advice and indeed did apply but in Investigating the program it was clear to me that […]

Fruit Trees and High Tunnels with Alyce Lunde

I’m Alice Lundy. Uh we are located in Rowlett North Dakota, we’re just south of the Canadian border about 30 miles Close to the International Peace Gardens this was my husband’s farm originally. He grew up here When we retired we moved back and we have been growing Vegetables out here in the garden for […]

Preparing for a Future Career Finding Solutions to the Challenges Facing Agriculture

I got my undergraduate degree in environmental studies so I was really inspired to learn about agricultural research and I learned about plant breeding and I thought that was a really powerful tool to develop new crops that could help solve some of our agricultural challenges. I would say my involvement within the Forever Green […]

Sustainable Agriculture: Engineering a win-win solution for poultry litter – Science Nation

♪ Miles O’Brien: Visit environmental engineer Lee Blaney’s lab and you’ll likely catch a faint whiff of – well – a barnyard. ♪ Miles O’Brien: It’s understandable. The contents of this bucket may look like dirt, but it’s actually poultry litter. Lee Blaney: Poultry litter is a mixture of poultry manure – chicken poop – […]

Permaculture Transforms Industrial Agriculture Farm into Biodiverse Eco Farm

Alright! This is John Kohler with! Today we have another exciting episode for you. I’m coming at you here from South Florida. And let me tell you guys, this is a chilly day here in South Florida, it’s like in the low 60s. Here in the winter, I guess all you guys are still […]