William McDonough at The Building Centre | Solar Orchards

I just want to look at this picture. This is a gift of Norway to Cameroons, it’s called a solar farm, but you see soil is not your friend here, and there’s no farming going on here, there’s weed control. So, what do we call this? I call it “here”, I guess. Then in the […]

The Twenergy forest plantation

PLANTING OF THE TWENERGY WOOD Here we are, planting the Twenergy wood as part of Endsa’s aid in the reforestation of this plot of land for our Asia Zero Emissions project. In a way, to cancel out the emissions caused by the journey of Twenergy Representative JUAN ASPAS Alicia Sornosa, who travelled by motorbike, to […]

Orchard Planting Day at University of Iowa

Students, University staff, and community members were hard at work Friday and Saturday as they planted a new orchard. What was once parceled land is now an orchard home to 39 young fruit and nut tree species. The trees will start to bear fruit in about 4 to 5 years. University of Iowa gardeners and […]

Vita Talalay Latex – Our Sustainable Rubber Tree Plantation 360 VR Experience

Welcome to the virtual reality tour from Vita Talalay At Vita Talalay, we source our natural latex from sustainable plantations around the world. They also keep the surrounding rainforests untouched just like the waterfalls you’ve seen right now There are no synthetic additives or fillers in our products only mother nature’s gift: pure natural latex. […]

I. Children’s Orchard – How can we cultivate a new education?

You always have to grow, You have to learn constantly, You have to always be on the search, on the run Without ever listening at what is happening inside you. This endless growth is breaking the fundamental law of nature: The circles. My father was traveling, to various places in Greece, Searching for place to […]

The Village Organic Farm – Part 1

we grew our herd of Jersey-X to 30+ our single bucket milker raising the milking parlour milking with a roof… at last! calves locked up at night… …get the remaining milk bottling the milk in reused glass bottles good cream content! separating cream havarti coated in ghee milk, butter, ice cream, yoghurt, cheese tree-planting for […]


Bottle Garden Welcome Sustainable Living Let’s start Plastic Bottles, Pliers, Scissors, Steel Wire 14 AWG First make this Hook on the top of the Bottle using a 6 inch Wire Now drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle and place a small Hook Make apertures in the Window-like Bottle Bend the edges so […]

Man Quits Job in Finance to Create Incredible Permaculture Garden | From Finance to Farmer

Hey there everybody my name is Jordan and welcome to the first film of the ‘living the change” series For this series we’re travelling around New Zealand in our van Bluey sharing the inspiring stories of the people making change to a more sustainable way of life In this first film we’re visiting Andrew & […]

Miracle Farms, a 5-acre commercial permaculture orchard in Southern Quebec, Canada

Starbucks Coffee From Bean to Cup— and the People Along the Way

Oh hey, nice cup of coffee. Do you know what it takes to make that? in 2013 Starbucks but a coffee farm in the side of a volcano in Costa Rica we call it Hacienda Alsacia. We didn’t buy this farm because we needed more coffee, we bought it to learn about the problems coffee […]