TELUS Celebrates the Power of Small Business with Timber Structures

As the city expands, as the city densifies we become more and more removed from our environment and buildings that are out of natural wood help to reconnect us to our environment. My name is Patrick Chouinard and I’m the president of a company called Timber Structures. We are pioneering the use of mass timber. […]

Growing Up: How Vertical Farming Works | The B1M

With the global population set to exceed 10 billion people by 2050, the challenge of providing enough food for everyone in a sustainable, efficient and cost-effective way is rising in significance. Shedding the restrictions of seasonal weather patterns, overcoming transportation challenges and significantly enhancing yields, the growing trend of “vertical farming” could herald the future […]

Rob Greenfield Interviews Joel Salatin: The Lunatic Farmer

Hey everyone! It is 3 weeks since I finished my year of growing and foraging all of my food and I am in Swoope, Virginia at Joel Salatin’s farm, Polyface Farm. So many of you have probably heard of Joel Salatin, he’s been called the world’s most famous farmer. And the reason that I’m here […]

Cutting Edge Innovations in Timber – Tasmanian Visiting Architects Program

The timber space is now moving into the innovation space, and this old tried and tested material that we’ve been using for thousands of years is actually now moving into a space where it is cutting edge. Engineered timbers, the way that it’s sourced, the sustainability of the product, creating closed-loop cycles — it’s all […]

How bees can keep the peace between elephants and humans | Lucy King

Ever since I can remember, African elephants have filled me with a sense of complete awe. They are the largest land mammal alive today on planet Earth, weighing up to seven tons, standing three and a half meters tall at the shoulder. They can eat up to 400 kilos of food in a day, and […]

Broached Goulder – Exclusively Tasmanian Timbers

This collection is easily the best work I’ve ever done because it has just such a deeper meaning and feeling and context. If I’m going to take a collection of furniture to the World then I want to represent Australia, I wouldn’t import timber from America or Europe; I’m representing my country, so Tasmanian timbers, […]

Shadow: Kelleah Job Shadows to Learn About Sustainable Agriculture

– Their main job in life is to just poop. That’s their only goal. (groovy music) My name is Kelleah. I am really interested in ecosystems, microorganisms, and I think that aquaponics really brings that together with sustainability. It’s a system that can really help the world and it’s a way that I can help […]

Why you should shop at your local farmers market | Mohammad Modarres

It’s been about a decade since the last financial crisis, yet this industry has never been bigger. Legislation that was meant to better regulate its largest players has hurt its smaller ones, resulting in most of the industry’s assets to be controlled by the top one percent. They’ve become too big to fail. I’m not […]

Are indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture? | Stuart Oda

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Joanna Pietrulewicz So if you live on planet Earth and you’re one of seven billion people that eats food every day, I need you to pay attention, because over the next three decades, we will need to address one of the most critical global challenges of our generation. And I’m not […]

The End of Animal Farming | Jacy Reese | TEDxUniversityofMississippi

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: David DeRuwe Before we dive in, I want to ask a couple of questions. First, how many of you are vegetarian or vegan? Okay, a few – around maybe 5%. If we asked all US adults, it would be around 5, maybe 10%. Now, how many of you have seen at […]