Carbon Dioxide Is Not the Worst Greenhouse Gas, Meet SF6

If we’re going to stave off the worst impacts of climate change, we’re going to have to break our dependency on greenhouse gas emitting energy sources like fossil fuels. But could a switch to more renewable sources like wind and solar power actually emit more of the most potent greenhouse gas there is? The gas […]

Turning the Farm Bill into the Food Bill: Ken Cook at TEDxManhattan

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo Changing the way we eat. It comes down, in the main, I think to a lot of personal decisions that all of us make about what to eat and how and when to eat it. But there’s also an important role for the government. Every year the government […]

From City Life to Cattle Farming | Farmer Stories

I’m Jane Sale from Yougawalla Station. I live here with my husband and two young children. We part own and manage Yougawalla and Bulka Station here in the Kimberley. It’s probably one of the most isolated stations in the north west of Australia. We have a wonderful life out here running our cattle. I came […]

Rediscovering small scale farming in Switzerland (One week on a bike to visit 6 sustainable farms)

Last week was the European sustainable development week and I got invited by the fairtraveller to join them on a Fair crawl by bike across Switzerland for one week. You don’t know what a fair crawl is? It’s like a pub crawl but with fair spots and during a week We visited six farms in […]

Our Forest – Trailer

[music plays] [Carl Sadler narrates] I was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley. I was raised on a farm. I wanted to be a farmer. I loved working in the bush with my Dad in the winter time. I found out that I’m allergic to everything on the farm – – from chickens to […]

The Futuristic Farms That Will Feed the World | Freethink | Future of Food

And that gives a little bit of an indication of the pressure on the food system. We just face a huge challenge. With the growth in population, with the change in consumption behavior. With the climate crisis, how do you secure your food production? The real secret is the sustainable production. It should be with […]

Preserving Planet Earth | Carl Sagan | English Subtitles

(Applause) Governor Hunt, Mr. Park, thank you very much for your extremely generous introduction. My friends, I am very happy to be here with you. I think the idea of a state organizing a concentrated look on the critical issues of our day, involving leaders and ordinary people statewide is extremely important and I’d like […]

MN2020: Farming in the City

The Movement now I think is to really grow more of your own food and people are really interested, they what to eat healthy they want to eat local even people used to buying organic food or have bought their food from CSAs or coops or stores that sell organic food really want that food […]

Farm To Yarn – Organic Farming Documentary Short Film

Ward 35, Indore District, Madhya Pradesh State, India Farm To Yarn project site: Organic cotton field (Alison Ward) “Too often, brands sit at the end of a supply chain and just expect the cotton to come to them.” (Big Tony) “I’ve been in this business for a lot of years, and I can tell you […]