[4K] Mountain rat, yam and dark, survival in the forest, episode 14

Squirrels usually move through the vines An old banana tree will give us a lot of water in a long time Small rain A yam vine If lucky, we will can have a delicious breakfast Their tubers are usually deep inside the ground but this time is different They’re really buttery So delicious It has […]

[4K] Farming and hunting, survival in the forest, episode 16

It is currently the beginning of Spring Many kinds of tuber plants starts growing This place has so many yam vines Their tubers are on their stem They will grow if they are exposed to moist soil They can be harvested at the end of Autumn A few strange fruits which are often eaten by […]

Survival in the forest, the boy 13 year old EP 013 , Set trapping small birds in the stream

The roof has been partially damaged because of the rather big winds that have come in recent days Finished, the boy went to the rock stream to find food for today spotted lots of little birds bathing in the surrounding area decided to make traps to catch the birds Simple traps with tiny forest ropes […]

Survival in the forest , the boy 13Y EP012, Perfect squirrel trap

The coal furnace has collapsed completely all the wood has been turned into ash, because the air has come in so much that it burns inside and burns out. the sadness of the boy These small fruits are edible, slightly sour and tart, but also delicious A lot of mice and squirrels are around this […]

20 Days Survival Challenge In A Rain Forest By Primitive Skills

Survival Challenge In A Rain Forest

The Wild Route: Leaving Work and Home for a Forest Life | NBC Left Field

I would find myself sitting at my desk, wishing the day was over so I could home. And then I would wish that it was Friday so I could have the weekend off, and I wished my next vacation was coming up, and I realized that I was very literally wishing away my life. Does […]