A gift for students – The Jordan Agricultural Research Center

[music]>>Dr. Joseph Castro: We are emphasizing our agricultural programs here on the campus and in the Valley, and the Jordan gift is going to help us to strengthen those programs and make them among the best in the nation.>>Dr. Sandra Witte: The Jordan gift is an amazing story. It’s a story of building relationships with […]

USDA Helps Veterans Find a Place in Agriculture

Thousands of service members leave the Armed Forces each year and many of them are seeking new career opportunities. The United States Department of Agriculture is stepping up to help. Farming and agriculture is a lifestyle just like military’s a lifestyle. There are multiple programs that assist beginning farmers and ranchers, not only getting started […]

SAM & AUDREY’S WEDDING: Summer Wedding in a Beautiful Greenhouse

So six months ago this handsome specimen and I tied the knot. Oh my gosh, what was I thinking. No, just kidding. It was probably the best decision of my entire life. And what we wanted to do is share our wedding photos with you. We’ve really appreciated all of the support you’ve offered us […]

Life In The Trees With The Treehouse Masters

Self-Proclaimed “Farm Babe” Shares Tips For Advocating for Agriculture

[Michelle Miller – The Farm Babe] Hi, my name is Michelle Miller, I also go as the Farm Babe on social media, do public speaking, I’m an agricultural columnist and do a lot of social media outreach to help consumers understand how their food is produced from more of a science-based perspective. So, I guess […]


P: Do a Christmas face. [funny music] Hi, look what I bought today! It’s a Christmas tree! D: The size of your mum. *rawr* ~dolodoo~ Probably is the size of … -Well actually it’s like 6 foot so -Oh. -You have a pretty hench mum if it’s, um, realistic. -Colossal mum. -Giga mum. -Ughhhh! -Yeah […]