King of creativity Seungjae, chocolates grew from a tree? [The Return of Superman/2018.02.04]

Guess where we are. Where do you think we are? Hello. (Where are they?) I made an appointment under Ko Jiyong. – For a creativity test? / – Yes. – You can go inside. / – Okay. I tend to be blunt and straightforward. I’m scared I might influence his creativity. Let’s hit it up […]

Seungjae’s visit to a forest kindergarten! [The Return of Superman/2018.12.30]

(Exciting Christmas is ahead of us.) (Who is visiting the rest area in the morning?) (Are the Ko father and son going on a trip?) We have to eat udon! – Udon! / – Udon! What is this? – They’re alcohol buns. / – Alcohol buns? Do they make alcohol buns that big these days? […]

Why Superman Is The Most Dangerous Superhero (Superman V Batman: The Unauthorized Adventures)

Nice work Robin. Gotham is safe again from the Joker and his goons. Thanks Batman. That was a close one. No kidding. Never fear. Superman is here. Supe– Ooh God! Oh no. Oh God, Robin. So where’s the Joker? Let’s get fighting, right. Superman, you just crushed Robin. O-Oh. Are you sure I did that? […]