Found Death Note & Knife in Suicide Forest 青木ヶ原

alright, it’s 7:50 on the 8th June, I’m about to go cycling up Mount Fuji to try and find The Suicide Forest, here’s a few of the things I’m taking just in case you can see I’ve got my gorilla stick so that I can film along the way one two three batteries so that […]

Agriculture and K-9 Intervention Saved this Veteran’s Life

{Sad Dramatic Music] [Chris Dorsey/Founder, Warrior Farms] You know, I had… I was self-medicating with alcohol. I’d pushed my family away, failed relationships. I was in the middle of a custody battle for my son. So I was sitting’ there with my 45 in my hand and on my bathroom floor, ready to take my […]

Wandering through the Aokigahara Forest | Japan

I haven’t been in a forest I haven’t been in a forest quite… ….eerie as this..I’m not gonna lie Bad reputation aside this is no place for a leisurely stroll Because of its location at the base of a mountain, Mount Fuji The ground is uneven, rocky and perforated with hundreds of caves But more […]

The Horrifying Unsolved Slaughter At Hinterkaifeck Farm

– [Voiceover] So what’s the name of this one? – [Voiceover] This story, in my opinion, may actually be creepier than the last one. On the evening of March 31st, 1922 six residents of the Hinterkaifeck Farm in Bavaria, Germany were murdered with a pickaxe. Husband and wife Andreas and Cazilia Gruber, their widowed daughter […]

Suicide Forest in Japan (Full Documentary)