How Differentiated Instruction and Formative Assessment Work at Forest Lake Elementary

>>A fraction with the same number on the top and bottom is a unit fraction.>>Narrator: At Forest Lake Elementary, students are assessed early and often.>>Two nights plus three nights plus one night.>>Narrator: Some of the tests are fun, and most of them employ the latest technology.>>Would someone like to share what they put?>>I put A […]

Accelerating access to new agricultural technologies

Grain prices haven’t increased that much, but input costs have hugely increased. Some years you have reasonable grain prices and other years it’s not that fantastic. You’ve actually got to watch what you are doing, you’ve got to watch everything that you’re spending, you’ve got be right on the ball with what you spend and […]

Michelle Ragany, food and agriculture business student

[music] I’m a second year food and agricultural business student studying at the University of Guelph and I chose this university specifically because it allows me to improve the lives of others through improving food systems. I decided to study this program in high school and what really peaked my interest was the fact that […]

الفيل الطائر : Learn Arabic with subtitles – Story for Children “”

The Flying Elephant A Bhili folktale A sugarcane farmer once lived in a small village. He worked very hard in his fields and hoped to have a big harvest. One morning, he saw that a big chunk of his crop was missing. The next day, another huge chunk of his crop was gone. I’ll stay […]

Campus Living: A Look at Forest Hall

Forest is pretty unique because of the five separate dorm buildings. There’s such a like supportive atmosphere for people to just break out into their own thing like if you’re playing the guitar on the lawn like someone will come out and start singing with you and I think that’s what I love about Forest. […]

“Warren & Hypno, Sitting in a Tree” Animatic 🐛 | Rise of TMNT

– Your gauntlet will be mine, worm man. (electrical zapping) – Breaking news: the gauntlet stays with me! (zapping) (laser-type shooting) – Enough of this. – ooh, ah, ooh-ah, ooh, oh, ewh, ala-kaboom. – Take that you horned-headed freak. (rumbling) – Oh, my turtles. How very not nice to see you. (air whipping) – April’s […]

Researchers study impact of forest schools on early years education

So, a forest school is a form of outdoor education where children are taken from their regular classroom, and they’re embedded within a woodland environment surrounded by trees, where they partake in a number of different activities in that environment. Our research was initially aimed to see how young people learn in different environments (so […]

Why is there a Hole in the Ozone Layer? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time Hi guys. Can you guess the title of my next video? Hurry up. Write your guess in the comments section below. Why is there a hole in the ozone layer? Becasue I punctured it. Alright. Now listen. Normally, an oxygen molecule contains 2 oxygen atoms. But in the upper atmosphere, there exists […]

Agricultural Equipment Technology

>>Jake, student: Being that this program is sponsored through John Deere, you get to deal with all their new technology, all their new information right away. It’s one of only 14 of these programs in North America and after you’re done, you’re skilled and the dealership that you’re already working with, there’s a good chance […]