Researchers study impact of forest schools on early years education

So, a forest school is a form of outdoor education where children are taken from their regular classroom, and they’re embedded within a woodland environment surrounded by trees, where they partake in a number of different activities in that environment. Our research was initially aimed to see how young people learn in different environments (so […]

Why is there a Hole in the Ozone Layer? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time Hi guys. Can you guess the title of my next video? Hurry up. Write your guess in the comments section below. Why is there a hole in the ozone layer? Becasue I punctured it. Alright. Now listen. Normally, an oxygen molecule contains 2 oxygen atoms. But in the upper atmosphere, there exists […]

Agricultural Equipment Technology

>>Jake, student: Being that this program is sponsored through John Deere, you get to deal with all their new technology, all their new information right away. It’s one of only 14 of these programs in North America and after you’re done, you’re skilled and the dealership that you’re already working with, there’s a good chance […]

What if we planted a Trillion Trees? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if we planted a Trillion trees? I will eat a Billion Burgers. Oh AumSum. There are about 3 Trillion trees on earth right now. So planting a trillion trees would increase that number by 33%. The impact will definitely be positive. For earth as well as all the living things. But […]

What Is Eutrophication | Agriculture | Biology | FuseSchool

Eutrophication is the process that can happen in a water body, like a river or a lake, when too many nutrients are added to the system. Eutrophication starts with fertilizers, which are rich in nutrients like nitrate and phosphate, are washed into the river or lake system. This leads to an increase in nutrient concentrations […]

Data structures: Introduction to Trees

Hello everyone ! In this lesson, we will introduce you to an interesting data structure that has got its application in a wide number of scenarios in computer science and this data structure is tree. So, far in this series, we have talked about what we can call linear data structures. Array, Linked List, stack […]

Trees and Squirrels (Classroom Physical Activity Breaks)

[ Silence ] [ Students quietly talking ] Good. Now we’re going to move to my next game, which is Trees and Squirrels. Now, what I’m going to do, I’m going to — my trees. How do we make a tree? Stand up, here, Jesus. If I put you guys as a partner, okay, you’re […]

Farm Tours Introduce Students to Local Agricultural Sustainability

>>BOB SULLIVAN: Let me see yours… let’s compare apples to apples. Four weekends of every Fall, we take about 100 kids put them onto buses and we take them to two farms. These guys are with Yale…>>SANDI ROSE: Hi Yale!… I am Sandy Rose and I am the current owner of Rose’s Berry Farm. We […]

Mapping Urban Heat through Portland State University

(upbeat music) – Urban heat waves, as we know, kill more people than all other natural disasters combined. All that heat gets trapped in our bodies and then organs that are particularly vulnerable start to shut down. (upbeat music) The work we do is really trying to bring to a very local level, some of […]

FedUni PhD (Agriculture) student testimonial – Amali

Hi, I’m Amali from Kandy, Sri Lanka. I’m currently doing my PhD in agriculture at Federation University Australia. What I like most about this university is its great location which is very calm and quiet. Secondly I love the facilities it provides both for relaxation and for your studies, including well-equipped laboratories, gymnasium, clubs and […]