Christmas Tree for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Free Stories with Wow English TV

Ah! Ah! Oh. He-hey! Hello! Ah-ha! Look! What is it? Ha-ha-ha. Yeah! It’s a snowman! He-he-hey! Wow! A snowman! He-hey! I can help. I can help! Okay, Maggie. Help me finish the snowman! Yeah! Let’s use Maggie magic! Hey, look! Oh-oh-oh! Wow! He-hey! The snowman is finished. Yeah! But wait a minute. What’s missing up […]

Ways to Die: TREE (Minecraft Animation)

Huh? Oh geez, oh geez, oh geez!! Wait a second.. If I keep running with the tree I’ll be crushed by it. But if I take one big step to the side, I’ll get out of the way in time! OUFF!!! Euff! Pig: Oink. Why… Why I oughta– (BUZZING) (SCREAMING)

✔ Minecraft: How to make a TNT Tree Trap

HOW TO MAKE A HOW TO MAKE A TREE TRAP Hello you! Today I’ll show you another trap! It’s easiest with an observer block It’s most effective on your lumberjack friend. I’ll also show you a version without the observer block. Just imagine this is the bottom of the tree trunk. Just in case you […]

Christmas Tree Song for Children + MORE Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Wow English TV

Ohhh, where is it? Ohhh. Oh hey. Hello boys and girls. It’s nearly Christmas and I am looking for my Christmas tree. Because it’s that time of year again that we put up a Christmas tree. I can’t find mine, can you see it? Aha, I think it’s there. Behind the sofa, oh Yes, here […]

Talking Blocks: Trees (Minecraft Animation)

Hey Davie! Glad you could make it. Come meet the family. Your sister Vanessa, your mother Alice Those are your bothers Kyle and Ralph there’s a neighbour little Pete and fat uncle Tony Alice… May I say that you have the most perfect pear I have ever seen Why thank you Tony! They’re all natural. […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Greenhouse

HOW TO MAKE A GREENHOUSE Hello again! Sit back and relax! Today we’ll build a greenhouse! Let’s start with the floor. It’s a simple 13×13 square. I’ll leave the entire building process in the video. You can always skip ahead a bit if you’re in a rush. As always, I’d love if you commented or […]

Urban Exploration: ABANDONED Livingston Farm House

Walking down this long road here Lets go check it out Here we are at this one after going down the road Scared the hell.. out.. of me.. great now dust is flying That must be all th freaking stuff the cats are laying in This place smells like cat pee in here it is […]

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Prairie Yard & Garden: AAS Gardens

– Prairie Yard & Garden is a production of The University of Minnesota, Morris in cooperation with Pioneer Public Television. Closed captioning is provided by Mark and Magaret Yackel-Juleen in honor of Shalom Hill Farm, a non-profit rural education retreat center, in a beautiful prairie setting near Windom in southwestern Minnesota. Shalom Hill Farm. Shalom […]