“We are demanding an end to plantations on our ancestral land”

[Ranchers spraying pesticides on Guarani land, Brazil] My name is Lide and I am a spokesman of Pyelito Kuê community in Iguatemi municipality, Mato Grosso do Sul state. We are demanding an end to plantations on our ancestral land. We know that our land case is on President Dilma’s desk. If the ranchers plant anything […]

MITRA Grapemaster Bullet+ used for Citrus Orchards by Customer

My name is Atul Wavhal. I live in Nimgaon, Tal Paithan, District Aurangabad. I am using Mitra’s Bullet+ machine since last 1 year. I have 4 Acer of Lime, 1200 plants of Pome and 1000 drumstick plants. Earlier I required 1000 litre of water but now with Grapemaster Bullet+ I complete sprays with just 300 […]

Turbo Mist Orchard Sprayer

[music] Hi, my name is Mike. I’m a service technician at our Bendersville store out here in Apple country. Today, we’re going to go over a little bit about the Turbo-mist sprayers, which are a line of orchard sprayers that we sell. They are made in Canada by a company called Slimline Manufacturing. This particular […]