Sadhguru Recounts His Days As A Farmer | Kisan Day Special

So in another twenty five years who is going to grow food in this land? Because growing a crop is not a joke. If we handle this land right, we can provide food for the entire world, it’s possible to do that if you do this, farmers will be rich and well-to-do; all this debt […]

Finding Faith in the Forest: Stories Happen in Forests

I’m Karenna Gore here with Poppy Jones. And we’re with the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary. We have come into the forest as a classroom. We’re in Van Cortlandt Park, which is in the Bronx, right here in New York City. (Poppy) For them to actually get out in nature, have ceremony […]

Skip the Resort, Spend Time in the Forest – Sadhguru

If you can find a place where there are no sounds of machines and . . . your cell phone will not tink tink. Quietly, if you can listen to the sound of the trees, the breeze, the water, just the natural sounds; if you pay enough attention tremendous things will happen to you. Many […]

Sadhguru- Sacred Seed, let the seed bocome a tree

almost 15 years ago, about the same time of the year, when the monsoons were at their peak. monsoons that particular year, was of such intensity and we were sitting in the same place. the building looks more stable. things happened in that little Hut. which was precariously holding itself up. threatening to collapse anytime, […]

Cauvery Calling How to Be Part of the Solution? – Sadhguru Spot

This two-hundred-and-forty-two crore trees looks like a big number. But we have billions of people on this planet. The best thing to do is everybody should start their own fundraising platforms We will give an appeal in Bangalore, Chennai other places for the youth to come. This is a battle plan. Okay? A lot of […]