This Binge-drinking Tree Shrew Could Probably Outdrink You

This episode is supported by NordVPN. Right now, NordVPN is offering SciShow viewers a chance to set up your own Virtual Private Network and start protecting your internet experience with 77% off a 3-year plan. Use the code “SCISHOW” at [♩INTRO] Humans are far from the only animals that drink booze. But, like us, […]

The Changing Faces of California Agriculture

I’ve let pretty much everyone know that I’ve never had more fun cooking than I have since moving to California. One recent meal was a simple eggplant sandwich. But it wasn’t your normal, run of the mill globe eggplant, but a Japanese eggplant, which you can pick up at almost any decent market in the […]

How to Cook Simple Malaysian Mee Goreng – Street Eats Journey E1 S03

From Kuala Lumpur, it’s only a short drive before you reach the rural parts of Malaysia. It’s a lush green environment that’s under constant threat as cities grow and demand increases for things like timber and farmland. It’s an ongoing battle to find a balance between economic growth and sustainability. One of the main reasons […]

Ecotourism in Northern Sumatra | Indonesia Discoveries | World Nomads

– [Narrating] There is one place left in the world where orangutans, tigers, rhinos, and elephants exist together in the wild. That place is the Leuser Ecosystem here in Sumatra. Even though this area is technically protected by the government, it’s still threatened by poachers and palm oil plantations. But there is a growing community […]

Orchard Road, the Shopping Centre of Singapore

Orchard Road is a road in Singapore that is the retail and entertainment hub of the city-state. It is regularly frequented by the local population as well as being a major tourist attraction. Often the surrounding area is known simply as Orchard. Orchard Road is named after the fruit and nutmeg orchards that used to […]