PES Faculty: Jim Faust

White Clemson Plant & Environmental Sciences logo on a purple background. Innovative music plays softly in the background. [Faust and students working in greenhouse] The focus of my career has been to solve the puzzle of how to manipulate flowering to meet [Faust along in greenhouse speaking to camera] the demands of the marketplace and […]

Dropping Timber – “X” Marks The Spot

Welcome to Swamp Shangrila here in the heart of the South Carolina lowcountry. As you can see, we’re going to be cutting up some timber this weekend. That’s what we’ll be doing all weekend. Sitting on a downed log here. I have it marked up in twelve foot odd sections and we’ll be cutting it […]

Planting a pecan tree

I’m Mark Arena, I’m the statewide pecan agent for Clemson Extension and today we’re going to discuss the proper planting of bare-root pecan trees. The first thing we need to do is inspect the tree for root quality and any type of damage on the roots. Bare-root trees are dug out of the earth during […]

A Palmetto tree and crescent with a registered trademark drive a local business

We trademarked the Palmetto tree in 1993. And everywhere I would wear the tree, people would stop me in airports. And I would be in California, be at someplace playing golf and someone would say, boy that’s great looking trademark or logo, where can I get that? And looked into trying to trademark and it […]

The 10 Best Places To Live In South Carolina

South Carolina is known for its affordable beaches, warm weather and family-friendly towns. Whether you prefer an exclusive lakefront golf resort near the Blue Ridge Mountains, love the historic charm of Charleston, or dream of lazing in Lowcountry style on Pawleys Island, the state’s diverse cities and regions cater to a variety of lifestyles and […]

Romantic Southern Wedding Styled Shoot at Lowndes Grove Plantation | Charleston, South Carolina

I have this dream to live by the sea I would write my love songs You’d sing along with me I know what it is I want my life to be To love you well and to have you next to me In the morning light, I’ll look into your eyes and See the man […]