Ivan Aguirretalks about how Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture changed his life

My name is Ivan Aguirre, I’m from Sonora, Mexico in the northwest part of the republic of Mexico. I was raised under an agrarian farming ranching family for many many generations. Ranchers, ,farmers, miners, freighters. I was educated up to 10th grade in Mexico, and then had the opportunity given by my parents to become […]

Vertical Farming – Does agriculture need to change?

The world is facing some major problems food security, water security species loss climate change Vertical farms have been proposed as part of the solution to these global problems But is it just another overhyped technology, with great claims but lacking in practical application? this video and go to explore these global problems, in context […]

Marianna Soil Testing Lab Tour – U of A System Division of Agriculture

Hello! Thank you for coming on this virtual tour of the Marianna Soil Test Laboratory. My name is Nathan Slaton and I’m the Director of the Soil Test Program for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. Soil testing allows growers to evaluate soil fertility and determine how much lime and fertilizer are needed […]

Is everyone getting tree planting wrong? Here’s how to get it right!

When you look at a forest, what do you see? When I was in Kenya last August, I saw two different realities. I walked into forests that were cool and humid, where I could hear insects and birds, small things singing. But only a short drive away, I found myself surrounded by trees that seemed […]

Permaculture in Curaçao – Test Greenhouse

Welcome back in our small permaculture project in Curaçao In the last video we showed you how we created a piece of Hügel-culture We buried tree trunks, branches, leaves and compost in the soil at least a half meter deep to initiate a decomposition process to keep the soil for a longer period moist Only […]

Soils webinar: Stubble fertiliser and water management to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in rice

Welcome everyone to the May Soils Network of Knowledge Webinar and thank you for turning up this morning and I would like to introduce Steve Kimber who is presenting today’s webinar which is Stubble, fertiliser and water management options to reduce Greenhouse gas emissions from Australian rice. Steve has been part of the soils research […]

Global forest network cracks the case of tropical biodiversity

So the big question here is why are there so many species in the tropics? The flipside of that is why are there so few species relative to the tropics in the temperate zone? So we’re at Washington University’s Tyson Research Center located about 25 minutes outside of St. Louis and just on the edge […]

Agriculture Then and Now: Soil Preservation

[Upbeat music.] [Upbeat music.] Female narrator: Then. Farmers used a mouldboard plough to turn the soil over, making it loose… …and airy for good root growth. It was a popular farming practice but made soil less fertile over time. Top soil could be washed away by rain or blown away by the wind… …creating the […]

Future of Food: Farming in the age of climate change

I’ve kind of accepted my fate, in a way, of being, sort of, the guy that’s alarmed about this before everybody else is. “One slice of New York cheesecake.” Why is it, in so many of the sci-fi movies, “Breakfast of champions.” food of the future comes out of a gadget? “Hydrate level four, please.” […]