Rabbit Farming

Agriculture is the last option of the people today. Most of the villagers are attracted by the city life. But many of them are not aware of the work tensions, time management, calculated life style and the necessity of expertise of the city people. In the villages wastage of working time for unrelated things is […]

Cultivating and Managing your farm I Natural farming I Narayana Reddy

This coconut tree, it has been 24 years since I bought this land I have not dug its roots till now I have not made trenches for it, I only use drip irrigation for it I have not deweeded Any plant that will come near it will not be harmed…. Everybody says there will competition […]

Dry Land Farming

World population is growing exponentially. Demand for food is increasing every day. Rainfall has become uncertain and ill distributed may be due to climate change and global warming. Uneven and untimely rain has disturbed the rain fed farming a lot. Drought is a common natural phenomenon since the ages. But the effect of drought is […]

Agricultural Machinery – part 1

Indian agriculture is on the cross roads. Younger generation is moving away from their farms. Shortage of farm laborers is one of the major problems. NREG, rice � 2 rupees a kilogram and many other government programs are making the laborers lazy and unproductive. This has worsened the situation further. As a result farm mechanization […]

Agricultural Machinery – part 2

The history of agriculture is as old as human civilization. Farming is the way of life for major portion of the population in India even today. But in recent years the younger generation is moving away from their farms. Cultivation and production of food grain has come down. Shortage of farm labour is one of […]