#2 vlog : Short Vlog (Farm House) in Bandung

hello guys… this (today) is the 2nd day in Bandung…. now.. I want to breakfast our plans later will go to Farm House Bandung after that lunch and.. we go back home instead you want to find clothes? dad this is so cute if it’s time to shopping, she is expert I mean slower not […]

Farming (Minecraft Animation)

Hey dude, I got some seeds. Oh my god What are you waiting for? *cheers* Lets do it. Ahaa, Look out for this one. Ahahaha, Yes quite. Woah, this is hair raising stuff! *cheering* Ah, this is fun.

UN climate talks in Madrid fall short over how to regulate carbon emissions; room for…

this year’s UN climate talks wrapped up in Madrid on Sunday with little progress on fighting climate change major emitters of greenhouse gases including the United States blocked any measures that would have encouraged countries to adopt more ambitious targets for greenhouse gas reduction heung-min tells us more despite being extended by two extra days […]

Same Fruit, Different Tree (Official Trailer)

In that street like some dog-on road kill. And all for five hours. No one called an ambulance… …He didn’t even check to see if he was alive. His mom and everybody else had to see him there. And then they drag him off like a dog and put him in the back of a […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Droppin’ Burgers, Growin’ Trees

(Intro) BLAINE: You know what we can do is we can talk about how we were really hungry before the show GUS: yeah that’s the perfect segway. GUS: Before the podcast starts we typically get food in for the cast and the crew GUS: So they went and they got In-N-Out today GUS: and we […]

TIMES: Episode 1 – The greenhouse (Short Film)

TIMES: The greenhouse

ODD FOREST – Short Film

Under the moss, silently runs a stream. I listen to it. Soon I will become transparent. Calm. I can already hear the call of adventure. Healthy hedonism is a jalapeño mayonnaise sandwich and the occasional following of bugs’ life A warrior has awoken from his slumber. I am ready. Like dream into dream I was […]

Prevention of Postharvest Loss: Agricultural Value Chain in English (accent from USA)

An agricultural value chain is a system of people that work in various stages in crop production. The value chain contains every person that works to get the crops from the farm where they were planted, to the consumer that will end up eating them. This animation explains the importance of each individual’s actions in […]


Alright, so we’re inside the 77 C10 here. And like I’ve mentioned in other videos, it is a 3 speed column shifted transmission. So I just wanted to make a video about how to shift one of these old transmissions. You don’t see these hardly at all anymore. So if you’ve ever wondered how it […]