Short Stories for Kids – Appu Restores the Forest

Mama!… Mama! Appu! Appu wake up! You are having a nightmare! It was a bad dream! There were tree eating monsters…and a tree fell on. It’s okay now Appu! See? No tree eating monsters. Come on…get up. I have something to show you! My school project! You’re collecting mud? No! You are learning about plant […]

Christmas Tree Song for Children + MORE Stories for Kids from Steve and Maggie | Wow English TV

Ohhh, where is it? Ohhh. Oh hey. Hello boys and girls. It’s nearly Christmas and I am looking for my Christmas tree. Because it’s that time of year again that we put up a Christmas tree. I can’t find mine, can you see it? Aha, I think it’s there. Behind the sofa, oh Yes, here […]