Salmon carcasses promote tree growth in 20 year study

For 25 or so years I’ve been studying a particular stream very closely counting the salmon that spawn and die. Hanson Creek is about two kilometers long so about a mile and a half long. It’s about 12 feet wide and four or five inches deep. And in order to avoid counting the same salmon […]

How a rooftop farm feeds a city | Mohamed Hage | TEDxUdeM

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo I’m an urban farmer. So I grow food in the city of Montréal, on the roofs of buildings, believe it or not. And it’s something that I’m very, very proud of. It’s something that puts a smile on my face every morning. And a while back, I was […]

#ICOScapes | Pallas (Finland) | Greenhouse gas observations

We want to measure clean background air coming from the sea areas Norwegian Barents Sea, the Northern Atlantic. and on the other hand we measure air masses coming from continental Europe. We observe forested areas, wetland areas here. and also, when winds are from the south, we observe air masses from densely populated European areas […]

The link between fishing cats and mangrove forest conservation | Ashwin Naidu

(Imitates fishing cat) That’s my impersonation of a fishing cat, which actually sounds more like this. (Prerecorded fishing cat sounds) It’s a cat that loves water, loves to fish, and lives in some of the most unique and valuable ecosystems on earth: the wetlands and mangrove forests of South and Southeast Asia. Aren’t they fishing […]

#ICOScapes | Svartberget (Sweden) | Greenhouse gas observations

ICOS Svartberget is one of the few combined atmospheric and ecosystem stations within the ICOS measurement network. The ICOS measurements conducted here at the ICOS Svartberget station will improve our understanding of the carbon cycle of boreal forest and also the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases and air pollutants over this boreal region. These measurements […]

What If Everyone Planted a Tree?

#ICOScapes | Saclay (France) | Greenhouse gas observations

This is Saclay tower. It’s pretty special, because it is located close to Paris megacity with 10.5 million inhabitants. And on the other side we also have the more rural area of Île-de-France. So depending on the wind conditions we can have really different gradients of greenhouse gas concentrations. Well this urban station, like in […]

#ICOScapes | Simon Stevin & VLIZ Thornton Buoy (Belgium) | Greenhouse gas observations

Today we’re sailing a research vessel that’s called Simon Stevin. The Simon Stevin is sailing in the southern bright of the North Sea as well as in the eastern part of the English Channel. It’s a very dynamic coastal environment. It has strong tides and a lot influence of the nearby Scheldt estuary. Today we […]

Lessons from an experimental hurricane at the Harvard Forest

We set this up to be as natural as possible. We used historical data on the types of trees that would be damaged by 120 mile an hour winds. We then pulled those trees over using a cable and a winch and then we’ve been following this for the last 30 years. This LTER research […]