Nutrien: A Global Agricultural Powerhouse

I’m very excited about the future and about Nutrien inside of the agricultural industry – there’s nothing that you shouldn’t be excited about. We are the only publicly traded company in the world that actually has a go to market strategy like Nutrien. We’re integrated from production right through to distribution to the farm. We […]

New Holland Agriculture — HydraBox 425V & 550V Vertical Beater Manure Spreader

JORDAN MILEWSKI: Hi, Jordan Milewski here with New Holland Agriculture. I’m proud to introduce to you our new line of hydraulic-push vertical beater manure spreaders. Today, we have to talk about the HydraBox 425V and 550V manure spreaders. The 425V has a cubic–a heaped bushel capacity of 425 bushels, as well as the 550V which […]

FEMA Accessible: Shelter in Place During a Disaster

If local officials give the order to shelter in place, take action to do so immediately. The risk of rapid, severe flooding and flying debris is extremely high. If you are in a high rise building and need to shelter in place, go to the first or second floor hallways or interior rooms. You want […]

VDOT: Deer Fence

Getting across a busy interstate is easy …if you’re a flying reindeer. But for earthbound species, that crossing can be dangerous for man and beast alike. Virginia is one of the worst states in terms of the number of deer-vehicle collisions every year. So every year there’s more than 60,000 crashes with deer in our […]

That’s How You Learn – Episode 7: UL Environment/GREENGUARD

Hello friends! I’m here in Marietta, Georgia, which is just outside of Atlanta or should I say “Hotlanta” because it’s really really hot here. Anyway, today we’re gonna learn about UL Environment and some of the tests that are done here at this lab. It’s really hot so let’s just go inside. Okay? Come on, […]

Enviroblind Rolling Security Shutters Installation

Do you need increased security, privacy or comfort in your home? Established in 1977, Enviroblind is the oldest and largest full-serviced rolling shutters supplier on the west coast. We have built a reputation for our quality products and professional, friendly service. After the initial consultation, we will arrange for one of our experienced representatives to […]

Military Makeover: Exciting Household Gadgets and Updates

AT EASE!! Just wanted to make sure that you’re comfortable. We’re back for the next phase of our Designing Spaces Military Makeover. Operation Kyle Family. And the Kyle Family home is receiving a major makeover. My second in command here, Art, is gonna run down today’s objectives for us. What do you think Art? Sure […]