Design Vs. Design: Best Bedroom Makeover (ft LaurDIY and Joslyn Davis as judges!)

On today’s episode of Design vs Design We are taking two creative weirdos and putting them side by side in their own empty white rooms to see who can pull off The best room transformation. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be what it looks like in my head We’re partnering with Ashley Homestore where […]

EXTREME Bedroom Makeover: Christmas Decorate With Me!

Coming up on this episode of designed to the nines… we are going to be doing an extreme Christmas makeover on my very vanilla very boring master bedroom and I’m going to show you how I took it from this… …to this! if you want to see me transform my master bedroom into a Christmas […]


[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am going to be sharing our small bathroom makeover with you guys I am so excited for this this is just a small half bath that we have on our main floor and so it does get used quite often and as you can […]

Cabin Bedroom Makeover- Modern Farmhouse Decor Bedroom

What’s up Glue Dots? I’m Elaine the Midnight Crafter and today’s video is a tad different than my normal ones some of you may know that I have been doing a little bit of redecorating at our cabin so I thought it might be kind of fun to take you guys through and see what […]

SixBlindKids – Blind Autistic Jesse – Her New Bedroom Makeover Reveal!