Truss Timber (2001)

These timbers are getting harder to get from the forest, as far as sustainable logging is going. They tend to cut these timbers into logs and if there is no people interested in the orders, this type of log would go to the saw mill and be cut up into sawn timber. Where it should […]

Timber Truss Bridges (2001)

Compared to a concrete bridge the timber bridges have got some soul about them. ah..Elk horns grow in them, tree ferns grow in them. ah.. Concrete bridges don’t, when you drive over them, they dont go clankety, clank clank. You wouldn’t know you were going over a river or a creek sometimes. They make you […]

Agriculture: How Transportation Keeps U.S. Farmers Competitive in a Global Market

NARRATOR: A thriving U.S. agricultural sector depends on delivering products to international markets faster and more reliably than our competitors overseas. Soybean production shows how the U.S. multi-modal transportation network is critical to the agricultural sector. – Well, we’ll come in, we’ll harvest these beans, we load them in our trucks. We take them up […]

You’d Run Away From This Ghostly Infested Tree