AgriCULTURE – Crawfish Farmers in South Louisiana

I started about sixty five years ago when I first bought this piece of property I started off with three acres of crawfish which I would do manually without a boat and of course I progressed through the years and a few years later I got the 20 acres still, still doing it without a […]

Professor Moldenhauer on UA System Division of Agriculture Rice Breeding Program 11.30.17

>>BOBBY COATS: It is a pleasure for us to be with you. I’m Bobby Coats, a Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness in the University of Arkansas Systems Division of Agriculture. Now, Arkansas’ Senior Rice Plant Breeder Karen Moldenhauer, University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture Rice Plant Breeding Program. Karen is […]

Ratoon rice crop harvest nearly complete

Rice farmers in Louisiana are having a difficult year, especially in the southern part of the state. Farmers there are wrapping up their ratoon, or second crop, harvest. This second crop provides an additional revenue stream for farmers, but like the first crop, yields have been disappointing. We expected the second crop yields to be […]

Thai Agriculture Technic commercial – Area Division

There are Mr.Red’s farm & Mr.Green’s farm Sugar-crane price is high this year Mr.Red decided to plant sugar cane ALL of his land. Mr.Green decided to plant them just only here The rest are for longan, banana, corn diging a pound, raising fish Vegetable garden, herbs and some standing timber Red is hungry he sells […]


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Yamaha RMAX Agricultural Drone!

Agricultural drones applying pest management applications in the rice fields! Is this the future of the rice industry? Is this the future of agriculture? Let’s find out. You know, it’s not rare that technology pushes an industry into a new era of efficiency and opportunity. What’s rare, I think, is witnessing that technology emerging into […]

Greening Deserts Sustainable Greenhouse Farming and Forestation

Greening Deserts is a cultural, educational, economic, scientific, social and sustainable project for greening, irrigation and forestation of dry areas or regions. Benefits of clean technologies like irrigation with natural water sources like seas and oceans and renewable energy supply with solar and water energy. The water will be pumped into over- and underground reservoirs […]

Lost Buildings of Somerset: The Rice Machine

Hello again and welcome to Somerset Place State Historic Site! We are standing along modern-day Park Road near the former site of the Four-story Barn. During the early years of the plantation, that barn held a rice machine because rice was originally the principal cash crop. In 1786, the Lake Company forcibly imported 80 native […]

Agro-tourism in Phukhieo, Chaiyaphum, Thailand

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