Are indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture? | Stuart Oda

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Joanna Pietrulewicz So if you live on planet Earth and you’re one of seven billion people that eats food every day, I need you to pay attention, because over the next three decades, we will need to address one of the most critical global challenges of our generation. And I’m not […]

Andrew Goldstein, Agriculture & Agri-food Canada – ‘Issues affecting competiveness in agriculture’

I just want that it’s great to be here because when I got off the plane I hadn’t felt that warm temperature in a long time. I got the word that in Ottawa where I live there was a major snowstorm today, so I’m happy not to be there today. So, it’s really quite exciting […]

Agriculture and Natural Resources

>>>Kern County in general is just a really a large operation agriculture, and being here at BC gives me a good connection with that, and being part of plant science guarantees me a fair job in the future. pause Plant Science is really anything outside that has to do with plants when we are talking […]

Why Don’t We Have Functional Biofuel Yet?

Over the last several decades, we’ve poured billions of dollars into biofuel research…so why can’t you fill up with it at the gas station yet? Where are the biofuels?! After all, the gas you put in your car is essentially an ancient biofuel: it used to be organic matter—mostly algae, actually—that over millions of years […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make Giant Trees

How to make Giant Trees Today I’ll show you how to make a GIANT* tree for your adventure map or fantasy world! Start by making the trunk of the GIANT Tree Make 5-10 blocks tall. (or more if you want) Now add a base where the GIANT tree is a bit thicker and has roots […]

Poverty isn’t a lack of character; it’s a lack of cash | Rutger Bregman

I’d like to start with a simple question: Why do the poor make so many poor decisions? I know it’s a harsh question, but take a look at the data. The poor borrow more, save less, smoke more, exercise less, drink more and eat less healthfully. Why? Well, the standard explanation was once summed up […]

Tulsi Gabbard on Agriculture and Food Self Sufficiency

Tulsi Gabbard>>Hawaii is such a beautiful place, and we have so many resources here that are available to us , what we need to do is be more focused on exploring the potential of our resources and one of our best is the ability to grow our own food and to be sustainable and we […]

Haypress at O’Bannon Woods State Park | Indiana DNR

Who can think about what an 1850 haypress does, anybody got an idea? It presses hay! And you want to know why they had such a large piece of equipment to press hay? It weights 5000 pounds and is 35 feet long. Before this haypress they had a jump-box. The jump box, they put hay […]

Pioneer Farmstead Blacksmith at O’Bannon Woods State Park | Indiana DNR

What I’m making here is actually going to be a rosebud. My wife works at the park and every now and then I just like to make a rosebud and just surprise her with it. It’s just round stock steel, just cold rolled steel, so I’m flattening out the end and once I have that […]

Pioneer Farmstead at O’Bannon Woods State Park | Indiana DNR

We have home sites that date back to the mid 1800’s all over the property, park and state forest. In ’85 we had a group of volunteers, Branchville inmates from the state penitentiary offenders, come out – all volunteer assist working on this cabin. Everything came out of this valley, which is called Tulip Valley, […]