Cutting Edge Innovations in Timber – Tasmanian Visiting Architects Program

The timber space is now moving into the innovation space, and this old tried and tested material that we’ve been using for thousands of years is actually now moving into a space where it is cutting edge. Engineered timbers, the way that it’s sourced, the sustainability of the product, creating closed-loop cycles — it’s all […]

Broached Goulder – Exclusively Tasmanian Timbers

This collection is easily the best work I’ve ever done because it has just such a deeper meaning and feeling and context. If I’m going to take a collection of furniture to the World then I want to represent Australia, I wouldn’t import timber from America or Europe; I’m representing my country, so Tasmanian timbers, […]

A Heart of Timber

(garage door opening) (upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Alex Jangard, I’m the owner of Heart of Timber Woodworking, and I went to Boise State in 2011-2015, and I went into school originally thinking I was a mechanical engineering degree, and I ended up with a marketing degree. Being a part of the Venture College, it […]

Entomologists in the field wage war on a potential agricultural threat

it’s been a long drive to get here nine hours 600 miles and we’re looking for native lantern flies here in the Chiricahua mountains on the east coast of the United States there is an invasion that is currently underway this is by the spotted Lantern fly which is native to China its populations have […]

Lorraine Gordon Introduces the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance

Collaboration is absolutely the key to the regenerative agricultural movement. These are very complex problems that we’re facing in Australia and globally in our landscapes in our communities everywhere. We are going to need the smartest minds sitting around the table to be able to solve these problems and help our farmers to become resilient. […]

Hokkaido University’s Experimental Forests

Global Environment Research and Education Capitalizing on Super-large-area Resources -Hokkaido University’s Experimental Forests- Hokkaido University takes pride in one of the world’s largest areas of experimental forests among its research and educational facilities. “Total area-approx. 70,000 ha” They cover approximately 70,000 hectares-more than Tokyo’s 23 wards combined. “Prof. Hideaki Shibata, Hokkaido University’s Field Science Center […]

Are butterflies good and spiders bad?

(upbeat music) – Welcome to Myth Bugsters. My name is Andrine Shufran and I’m director of the OSU Insect Adventure here in Stillwater. We welcome you today to bust a few myths about bugs. We’ve had a very interesting myth sent in by a viewer. This is the myth that butterflies are all good and […]

Interview with Sonny Ramaswamy, Director, National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Today is September 14, 2016. I am interviewing Dr. Sonny Ramaswamy who is the Director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture or NIFA. I am Susan Fugate, head of Special Collections at the USDA’s National Agricultural Library. This month I will celebrate 40 years with USDA. We are in […]