Finding Faith in the Forest: Stories Happen in Forests

I’m Karenna Gore here with Poppy Jones. And we’re with the Center for Earth Ethics at Union Theological Seminary. We have come into the forest as a classroom. We’re in Van Cortlandt Park, which is in the Bronx, right here in New York City. (Poppy) For them to actually get out in nature, have ceremony […]

The Largest Handwritten Family Tree in the World

(enlightening music) – [Narrator] The River Ganges in Haridwar, India, is a holy pilgrimage site for millions of Hindus and is visited by hundreds of thousands of people each year. (crowd cheering) It’s also home to the largest handwritten family tree in the world. (enlightening music) For centuries, a sect of priests known as Pandits […]

Faith For Forests with Dr. Jane Goodall

Rainforests: Ecological marvels millions of years in the making. Rainforests provide water food and livelihoods for billions of people around the world. They contain a staggering diversity of life. They create the oxygen we breathe and regulate our climate they are our life support system, but rainforests are at grave risk every second of every […]

debunking prophets — part one [cc]

In a reported exchange with a theologian, biologist John Haldane was asked: ‘What inference might one draw about the nature of God from a study of his works?’ Haldane replied, ‘An inordinate fondness for beetles.’ — referencing the fact insects are the most abundant animal group and there are more kinds of beetle than any other […]