Theory in Practice: A Tour of Zaytuna Farm

– Hi, Geoff Lawton here. And this is a 66 acre Zaytuna Farm which we started developing in 2001 through 2002. And, we laid out the mainframe of water harvesting systems, like this old swale here. This is the oldest, largest swale on the property. Planted the fruit forest, which is a perennial system. Even […]


– Hi guys, welcome to the second video of the Food Forest Workshop. You know, if you haven’t seen the first video go back it’s there, it’s been recorded, just go back follow that, because it’s real great content there, I’m gonna follow up with this one here. First video we spoke about the magnificent […]

A New Beginning for the Australian Landscape – Natural Sequence Farming with Peter Andrews OAM

Well, we’re so many minutes or seconds to midnight really. If we take a landscape to a level where it’s vulnerable to these extreme cycles, they’ll inevitably happen. And we’ve got that now happening right across the world, and certainly right across Australia… for salinity problems and over-zealous agricultural systems based on a principle that […]

Food, Earth, Happiness [Official – Short Film on Natural Farming]

This is an abbreviated edit of the internationally acclaimed documentary “Final Straw: Food, Earth, Happiness” It was filmed, edited, and produced by an American photographer and Korean book editor who quit their jobs and spent four years… …in search of those who are learning again how to live with the Earth The film is inspired […]

Organic Intensive Agriculture (English subtitles)

Good morning We are a Catalan farmers family. We are a Catalan farmers family. And today we want to share with you our work results And we want to talk you about our work system, the organic agriculture. We want to share with you the previous results the conventional agriculture, With our current results using […]

Poultry-Centered Regenerative Agriculture at Thunder Valley CDC

Hello, my name is Nick Hernandez and I’m the director of the food sovereignty initiative for Thunder Valley CDC. Today, we had the opportunity to partner with Main Street Project, in planting two hundred hazelnut trees here in the educational demonstration regenerative farm. Right now, we have a total of five hundred and seventy-five egg-laying […]

Ivan Aguirretalks about how Holistic Management and Regenerative Agriculture changed his life

My name is Ivan Aguirre, I’m from Sonora, Mexico in the northwest part of the republic of Mexico. I was raised under an agrarian farming ranching family for many many generations. Ranchers, ,farmers, miners, freighters. I was educated up to 10th grade in Mexico, and then had the opportunity given by my parents to become […]

Food Forest Fertility

Well here we are, it’s our last day, of a warm month, on grand permaculture in action internship at the Greening the Desert site in Jordan. And I’m going to take for a little bit of a last minute tour. Let’s have a look. Everybody’s engaged. There’s people still working on irrigation. There’s plenty of […]

Farming Sustainably with Regenerative Agriculture | Restoring Paradise

I think a spiritual journey goes on hand-in-hand with an environmental one. Which I guess has got me personally to an understanding that life is about service. You know we’re blessed to have this farm and so how do we use this for the greater good? It’s a traditional sheep and cattle farm, it’s 610 […]

EARTHWORKS: Establishing Large Scale Regenerative Agriculture

Hi, I’m Lindsey Raven from ecological design I’m Eric Berg with Berg Brothers We’re here at the Main Street project farm. It’s a research demonstration farm in Northfield, Minnesota And we’ve worked together for a long time on many projects and we’re really excited about this one Water is super important water and soil building […]