Is everyone getting tree planting wrong? Here’s how to get it right!

When you look at a forest, what do you see? When I was in Kenya last August, I saw two different realities. I walked into forests that were cool and humid, where I could hear insects and birds, small things singing. But only a short drive away, I found myself surrounded by trees that seemed […]

Time laps amazing the growth of a Ghaf tree in Dubai with Groasis Waterboxx®

The Ghaf tree is the National Tree of the United Arab Emirates The Groasis Waterboxx® is the only way to plant trees in deserts without the use of irrigation The Groasis Waterboxx® guarantees over 90% survival rate under extreme circumstances

The nurse who heals forests in Uganda

If we kept our forests standing and we leave these streams flowing as usual life would be good and interesting. Claire is my name. I am a forest monitor in Rubuse parish, Hoima district. My profession: I am a nurse but I also like environmental conservation, I like it most. The young people for them, […]

10 million trees planted with Ecosia

Hello dear Ecosia users we just spent a couple of very exciting days visiting some of the planting sites that are part of our reforestation program in Indonesia And we wanted to say thank you for helping us plant 10 million trees already Thank you!

250 Million Trees planted! Big step to stopping climate change | Eden Vlog #15

Am I too old for climate activism? | Trees vs Palm Oil

this is pita beak at 70 years pitas a self-made climate activists Jessica Rita – American Sweden one day Pete decided to start a silent revolution in his home country Indonesia a revolution that is turning once deforested land back into lush forests peat is from Indonesia for now and like most of the people […]

Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees

imagine you could turn this dry land into this by doing something that’s actually useful to you introducing a cozia the search engine that lets you help the environment just by searching the web a cozia works like any other search engine you can use it to search for anything like other search engines we […]

An Introduction to American Forests

As the mom of two young kids, I care a lot about forests. Forests are great places for my boys to learn about nature and the environment. Caring for our forests is one of the most important things we can do for the planet. Walking into a beautiful forest is like walking into a cathedral. […]

How 50 million trees have changed the world

The times we live in can feel pretty bleak. But we believe better days are on the way. Because there’s her. And him. And them. And you. By switching search engines from Google to Ecosia, people across the world have planted 50 million trees. And these trees have absorbed 2.5 million tonnes of toxic CO2 […]