Visit Our Wyoming Life – AirBnb, Hunting & Harvest Hosts

Hi I’m Mike, have you ever wished you could visit us here on the ranch? See the animals, the sites and yes even the smells? Well beginning today you can and we are going to talk about 3 ways you can do that and give away a year long membership to 1 of those ways […]

Why Be A Farmer or Rancher?

Hi I’m Mike. Why do people choose to be ranchers or farmers? Isn’t it a lonely, back backbreaking, monotonous, tedius, low paying, dull job? Well today, I am here to share with you, why I do this year after year, why I left a 6 figure corporate job to do it, and why I still […]

Do All Cows Have Horns? and Other Agriculture Questions

Hi I’m Mike, ranching, farming and agriculture in general is a mystery. 48 percent of americans say they never seek information about where their food was grown or how it was produced. Today we grapple with that, as we take a look at a few agricultural questions, that may just surprise you, on our Wyoming […]

Rice, Apple, Goat, Recreational, Farming and Ranching – America’s Heartland

>>Hi, I’m Sarah Gardner. Coming up on America’s Heartland, what does it take to succeed when it comes to agriculture? Let’s introduce you to some very special people whose unique approaches to agriculture have made them successful farmers and ranchers. We’ll visit a New England apple orchard where city folks are the secret to this […]

Haying – Mowing It Down on the Ranch & Farming

Hi, I’m Mike. We have now started up haying on the ranch, producing the bales that will feed our herd for the long, sometimes hard winter. Today we get a look at the first part of the haying process as we get to farming, and cutting grass on our Wyoming life Welcome to our Wyoming […]

Japanese Wagyu Beef Story (from Farm to Table) ★ ONLY in JAPAN

Japanese Wagyu Beef Story: From Farm to Table ONLY in JAPAN Travelling Japan for food is nothing new, every region of Japan has its own unique cuisine and when it comes to beef Japan’s Wagyu is worth the trip. Ibaraki prefecture’s Hitachi Beef brand is one of the closest to Tokyo So Dean and I […]

Longbranch Crossing – 2,785 +/- Acres of Hunting, Ranch and Timber Land FOR SALE

Introduction to Safer Riding on ATVs in Agriculture

Each year, an estimated 400,000 people are injured riding ATVs and utility terrain vehicles – many of whom wind up in emergency rooms or require urgent medical care. A staggering 500 fatalities were reported in 2015 alone. A closer look reveals that 65% of all occupational related ATV deaths are suffered by the agricultural community, […]

Cold Weather Gardening in the High Tunnel

Hi I’m Erin and this is Our Wyoming Life Gardening in Wyoming can be tough. We are a zone 4 with high elevation and a wind problem. Average last frost date is May 22nd. This year Erin is hoping for her first vegetable harvest on April 27th. This might work or it might not but […]

First Planting in the High Tunnel – Gardening 2019

Hi I’m Erin. The sun is shining, snow is on the ground and even though it’s only January its time to start planting and getting ready for the 2019 garden season. Today we plant the first seeds of the year on Our Wyoming Life. Somehow the first of year has already come and gone. The […]