Jump Start your Career in International Agriculture with IARD 6020 – Global Development at Cornell

Classroom knowledge might be not enough to understand the whole concept. What it lacks is real life examples and how it works actually in reality. This trip helped me to see what I was lacking. Agriculture is something really different in the field. We have seen a lot of practical issues farmers are dealing with […]

North Carolina Hog Farms Spray Manure Around Black Communities; Residents Fight Back

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!, democracynow.org, The War and Peace Report. We’re broadcasting today from Tampa, Florida, from Tampa PBS, WEDU. I’m Amy Goodman. We close today’s show with a look at the battle between residents of eastern North Carolina and one of the state’s largest industries: hog farms. Last week, the North Carolina […]

Farming Machinery Whole-Body Vibration and Back Pain

– Back pain and low back pain in particular is really the most common complaint of working people worldwide, across virtually all industries. So, it’s an enormous problem and farming is interesting because people use all types of machinery to get done what needs to happen on the farm. Vibrating equipment can place demands on […]

Ambitious Louisville study seeks to understand impact of trees on our health

JUDY WOODRUFF: As we know, trees can add beauty and a sense of serenity to a neighborhood. But, as John Yang discovered, researchers have launched an ambitious project in Louisville, Kentucky, to see if greenery can also improve public health. JOHN YANG: On a crisp morning in South Louisville, a 20-foot evergreen is deployed into […]

How urban agriculture is transforming Detroit | Devita Davison

I’m from Detroit. (Applause) A city that in the 1950s was the world’s industrial giant, with a population of 1.8 million people and 140 square miles of land and infrastructure, used to support this booming, Midwestern urban center. And now today, just a half a century later, Detroit is the poster child for urban decay. […]

RiverStone Health – Orchard School Clinic

(Children playing) The Orchard School Clinic opened in the spring of 2015. It was a collaboration between RiverStone Health and District 2 in Billings. The two of them saw that there was a need here and that this resource was needed, and along with our community partners, including Billings Clinic, we were able to open […]