Make Steel At M&C Map Episode #1 Farming Simulator 19 Mods

Hello and welcome to my new Series M&C Economy Map Lets Start!!! I own some low loaders basic to move the machine on the map Then I need semi trucks and a loader And A tipper Help Me Reach 1000 Subscribers Until Christmas :)))) I will move the machines at the mine 2 Check the […]

FARMER JACK | Hitman #6

Top of the morning to ya laddies my name is Jacksepticeye! and welcome back to Hitman! The new episode is finally out. We can get back into the world of Mr. Bald-A-Tron here. And now we’re in Colorado. Any of you from Colorado out there? Lovely place. I really like the look of it already. […]

Monster Hunter: World – Ancient Forest Gameplay

Hello, everyone and welcome to an early look at Monster Hunter: World coming, to Playstation 4 and Xbox one early 2018 with PC to follow Today we have a special look at gameplay for you, so let’s jump right in In Monster Hunter: World, you take on the role of a hunter in a lively […]

Making MOB FARMS with NEW WATER MECHANICS in Minecraft!

For those of you who watched my series on the hermitcraft server you will know that I’ve got myself a mob spawner the looks A little bit like this. As you can see we have a whole bunch of platforms that go up from this level all the way Up to this level right here, […]

Are EFFICIENT FARMS always Best in Minecraft!?

Now as you guys probably already know I absolutely love designing and building farms in Minecraft It’s probably one of my favorite things to do and as you can tell from my base on the hermit craft server I tend to build them pretty big. I mean if we take a look around here You […]

Hermitcraft 5: Episode 1 – XP Farms, Diamonds, Dirt Huts!

Mumbo is awesome! Also his intro, Enjoy Todays Epic-sode (Episode) Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to episode one of Hermit Craft Season 5. We are starting things off on the blue waves right here, We are traveling around the mushroom biome Which is soon to be the theme park area And we are making our way […]

FARMING SIMULATOR 19 How to remove hedges & delete fields fs19

Hermitcraft 5: Episode 3 – IRON FARM!

Intro start Intro ends Hello everyone, this is Mumbo and welcome back to another episode on the Hermitcraft server! I have literally just joined the game, and by the look of things, my store has been raided already! *laugh* That’s a very good spoon! *laugh* That’s perfect! Basically what happened is… is that I built […]

Hermitcraft 5: Episode 78 – HUGE Villager Farms!

I AM BUMBO THE DESTROYER!!! BUMBO VIDEO 78!! I want to give two updates right at the very start of this episode as you guys know in the previous episode of hermitcraft I said I was going to Pinewood Studios with red. I have now been to Pinewood Studios with red, and it was awesome […]

Hermitcraft 5: Episode 94 – AUTO WHEAT FARM!

Hello everyone this is mumbo welcome back to another episode on the hermit craft surver it is episode 93 and today We are starting things off with a massive frame drop Did you just see that that was like slide show straight away in the episode? We’re starting things off inside my new door store. […]