Can the EPA Regulate Greenhouse Gas?

and Shane partners with the seniors are now associate producer for this program but he’s also the supreme court reporter with the talk radio news service talk radio news dot com and which are these Twitter should I put out shana up I talking left or other 14 pataki news okay re: have cuz I […]

Maratona Greenhouse Studios (Compondo novas músicas) [Making of the New Album Pt. 8]

We’re back to Greenhouse Studios. – That’s true. – We were in Campa da Jordania… Last week, right? And now, we are here. Are you ready, Rafa? Today, after five days developing new the ideas, we want to start doing the ProTools lines for each song, prepare them in a demo version, a pre production […]

Simple Sentence Trees

Welcome avid learner of linguistics! I thought it was about time I made a video about syntax. So here’s something very basic: How to draw simple sentence trees. Let us first take a look into what we would need for such a tree. When we draw tree diagrams and syntax, we can classify pieces of […]

Let the Dysfunctional Plantation-Based Red States Secede!

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Inside Security Prison: Everyone Looks Like Us, People Of Color | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

The Democrats’ “progress” from slavery to the new plantation

Student: I’ve seen that there’s in some way a false equivalency. You’re talking about this notion of, “You work, I eat.” But in the former scenario of the slave, that’s depriving someone of social mobility by basically taking all their labor for the benefit of someone else, whereas in the latter scenario, I assume you’re […]

Tourist Triggered By Plantation Tour

>>So Twitter user posted a screenshot of a Google review, it’s at the McLeod Plantation Historic Site in Charleston. And it’s getting a lot of attention, and you just have to see, cuz I’m gonna read the entire review. A woman named Carla, she wrote, my husband and I were extremely disappointed in this tour. […]