Professional Grade 5mm Holiday Lights – Tree Wrapping Tips

When it comes to holiday lighting, the average consumer isn’t aware of the vast differences in quality between the retail product and the professional-grade product sold through Ewing Irrigation. For example, one of the most popular styles of holiday lighting are the 5mm minis. When installed outdoors, the biggest problem is moisture intrusion due to […]

Agricultural Equipment Technology

>>Jake, student: Being that this program is sponsored through John Deere, you get to deal with all their new technology, all their new information right away. It’s one of only 14 of these programs in North America and after you’re done, you’re skilled and the dealership that you’re already working with, there’s a good chance […]

Is the Tubo Biz Extract Max truly the Ferrari of Sugarcane Juicers? Review

Alright, this is John Kohler, with Today, we have another exciting episode for you! And, here actually, I’m not gonna be reviewing a juicer myself. But, I’m gonna have somebody else review the juicer. But, also, I’m gonna share my opinions about a popular juicer that’s on the market. And, today, where in the […]

La Hacienda Treatment Center SlideShow

The secret to fitting window shutters revealed…

There are two things that make fitting shutters simple and will give you the confidence to order and fit them yourself. The first are the ‘easy fit frames’, they allow the shutters and frames to be fitted as one unit. This saves you messing around trying to fit the frames to the window or wall […]

“Counter-Clock Wisdom” Violin by Kailin Yong – City Lights 2015 @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Kailin with his original composition “Counterclock wishdom”. – “I don’t know where I come from. I don’t know where I’ll be. I go where the sounds are – where there’s lot to see. I learned many things, lessons and deeds. But the one I learned the most is where I become we.” Please welcome Kailin.

Ottawa Real Estate – Centre Town, Ottawa – SOLD!!

Hello I’m Christine Bussieres from the BGM Real Estate team at Re/Max Affiliates. I’m here today to introduce you to unit 1507 which is a two-bedroom apartment at 199 Kent Street. Please come in and follow us. As you come into the foyer, you have one bathroom on your right and facing the two bedrooms. […]