The 1940 Census – Census of Agriculture

Narrator: A few basic principles must be observed in taking the Census of Agriculture. First: recognize all types of farms. In addition to the general types of farms with which you are familiar, the census recognizes many specialized kinds. Most farms will have the usual characteristics, but the highly specialized ones are frequently not thought […]

Ester Boserup: On the Evolution of Agriculture

Ester Boserup was born in Copenhagen in 1910 and graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 1935 in theoretical economics within a broad social science background. Her research work began with a decade at the UN and its agencies in the late 1940s; she spent the remainder of her career as a consultant and independent […]

‘Hey Bill Nye, Is There a Conspiracy to Cover Up Agricultural Climate Change?’ #TuesdaysWithBill

Batman: Hello Bill. I’m Batman and I’m a big fan. My question to you is why isn’t the agricultural sector especially with the cows being addressed with global warming with as much media attention as oil companies seeing as it is actually the biggest factor affecting global warming. At this day and age do you […]

How many trees are there in the world?

how many trees are there in a forest what about a country how about in the whole world the answer we now know is that our planet is home to 3.3 04 trillion trees that’s actually almost eight times more than we thought as previous estimates only based on satellite pictures but now we have […]

Why cities should plant more trees

Search Google Earth for China and you’ll see this. But an unedited satellite photo might look more like this. That gray smudge is air pollution and it’s coming from Chinese cars, factories, and power plants. But it’s not only here. In cities around the world, air pollution is a big problem. A majority of humans […]

Sugarcane Aphid Identification and Estimation Techniques in Sorghum

in this episode of insect Lockdown pest profiles We’ll be taking a look at the sugarcane aphid and some management techniques that you’ll need to control for them in sorghum The first thing we’ll talk about is identification, and then we’ll go into greater detail on how to estimate the number of aphids on a […]

Reef Rescue – Sugar Cane Farmers – Great Barrier Reef

It’s a cane farm, we produce approximately 150,000 tonne of sugar cane and we do legume fallow crops. We’re laser levelling all our ground, we then … bed format, two meters. We’re only going to be working 50% of the ground in the future. Instead of using harmful chemicals to the environment we use Round-Up […]