When Nature Strikes Back

Number 8 Global Warming and Hurricanes While the conversation on global warming has been somewhat polarizing, the vast majority of the global scientific community has reached a consensus regarding its impact. Human activity, namely greenhouse gas emission, is often cited as a major contributor to the global rise in temperature. One of the ways nature […]

A clear solution for farmers – Farm Yard Infrastructure

the farm yards the hub of the farm but it can also be the place where there’s the biggest threat of pollution Catchment Sensitive Farming gives farmers support and financial help towards improvements that can make our waters cleaner and safer David Mitchum’s a mixed farmer in Devon and for him, containing animals as well […]

Farming Under the Sea for Japan’s Rare Delicacy

(soft music) – [Narrator] Seaweed is a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. But, there’s unique type growing in the Pacific Ocean. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Seventy miles off the coast of mainland Japan is the small island of Okinawa. Home to one of the most unusual farming methods in the world. – [Narrator] Mr. Oshiro […]

A clear solution for farmers – Catchment Sensitive Farming Overview

we all want to know that our water is safe to drink, bathe in and that our rivers are thriving environments for wildlife Catchment Sensitive Farming is a scheme that gives farmers support and financial help towards improvements that can make our water cleaner and safer Catchment Sensitive Farming works it works by working voluntarily […]

North Carolina Hog Farms Spray Manure Around Black Communities; Residents Fight Back

AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now!, democracynow.org, The War and Peace Report. We’re broadcasting today from Tampa, Florida, from Tampa PBS, WEDU. I’m Amy Goodman. We close today’s show with a look at the battle between residents of eastern North Carolina and one of the state’s largest industries: hog farms. Last week, the North Carolina […]

Preserving Planet Earth | Carl Sagan | English Subtitles

(Applause) Governor Hunt, Mr. Park, thank you very much for your extremely generous introduction. My friends, I am very happy to be here with you. I think the idea of a state organizing a concentrated look on the critical issues of our day, involving leaders and ordinary people statewide is extremely important and I’d like […]

Why We Should Be Urban Farming

The World’s Seafloor Is Rapidly Dissolving, Here’s Why

Welcome to a very special week, where we’re joining The Swim to raise awareness around ocean health. Now climate change may call to mind: clouds of gases, smog blanketing cities, and rising temperatures around the globe. But it has also has many profound impacts on our oceans too–like the fact that climate change is literally […]

Ecosystems: Working with farmers to decrease Nitrogen pollution

Consider this dilemma: In this bag is something we need to feed the world. But when we have too much, it contaminates drinking water, pollutes the air, and kills millions of fish. Hi, I’m Suzy Friedman, and I work on Environmental Defense Fund’s partnerships with farmers to protect the environment. I’m talking about nitrogen fertilizer. […]