Forest Brothers – anti-Soviet Guerilla War in the Baltics – THE COLD WAR

By 1951, the middle class in the United States was enjoying booming economic prosperity while Weste Europe was well on the path to recovery. Business was good, people flowed into malls and drive-in theatres, while the New York Yankees won the world series in front of a sell out stadium. For the West, the horrors […]

Why Europe’s only primeval forest causes tensions

When I was born, Poland was behind the iron curtain. Then, freedom came. And now Polish youth come together at nationalistic gatherings. They’re turning their backs on the EU. It almost seems like an identity struggle. Who does Poland belong to, anyway? And who is in charge here? I travel from my family cottage to […]

Toxic Air Might be Mutating Human DNA + 4 Other Horror Climate Stories

Welcome to Extinction Update an environmental alarm clock today we bring you five stories of human stupidity fucking up planet Earth like did you know there’s a wall of shit covered wet wipes blocking the London Thames? Or that MDMA is killing trees? Or that human DNA could be changing due to air pollution? Our […]

Concrete Post Kit for Orchards | Product Focus

Product Focus – Concrete Post Kit for Orchards Squeeze the Collar to thread the wire Position the Collar tight to concrete post

Ruiny pałacu z czynną kaplicą HD URBEX | Abandoned Palace | Urban Exploration |

The ruins of the palace where the chapel is located Good welcome in the next place maybe you can not get in here, to be honest but … but we will try. Some broken window but a bit too high. Here is an entrance to the basement. The high basement is also and what? What […]