[MV] Luna – Take Me Now || Forest (포레스트) OST part.1 [Han | Rom | Eng]

For all of the endless stories I’m tuning my ear, sometimes silently Getting closer and closer I see the hope from far away But without a single sweet word of comfort They all scatter and disappear My feelings loneliness my Silence depression It still remains in my heart I try to get closer But you […]

DIY l Make a Forest lovers Paper cut light box / 森の恋人3Dカット ペーパーライトボックス作成

Hello everyone we are MINAS This time, we made a warm feeling light box Title is Forest lovers Not just lovers we also drew a pet. It’s not my dog. We have cats. (I’m proud of the cat.) Only the first three are complicated Let’s get started! In a spirit of craftsmanship Cut it slowly […]

tractor game Real Farming Tractor Simulator 2019 – Tractor Driving #2 – Android GamePlay

HI! Welcome to the channel Game TV Android Car This game name is Real tractor agriculture simulator farmers Xin 2019 Main driving tractor Driving simulator, tractor harvesting game if you have any problem, please contact me Please subscribe to my channel Watch more exciting game videos

Offence, Yes Please | Maroon 5 ‘Sugar’ Parody | Raghav Sharma, Navaneeth & Mime Team

Was happy, baby Needed to frown Saw memes on Yogi, Modi I’m angry now You know I’m jobless Had no degree Guess I’ll be marching with sticks in the street When I hear jokes on bhagwaans Achievements of Pakistan ‘Victim play’ happens to me, oh baby Cracker-free diwali nights Feminism, equal rights All that shit’s […]

Stop killing our dreams | Trees are gift | Salman Naseem

why? Please stop

गन्ने का उत्पादन कैसे बढ़ाये | Sugarcane ki kheti ka utpadan Kaise badhaye |

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