Visiting Oxytree plantation (Csemő, Hungary) in September

I welcome you all from Csemő. On this 7,7-hecatre of land, approximately 3500 Oxytrees are growing at the moment. These trees were planted last year: in the mid-summer and at the end of the summer season in 2014. As the different growth measures of these trees show, we do need to take the planting season […]

Orchard Planting Day at University of Iowa

Students, University staff, and community members were hard at work Friday and Saturday as they planted a new orchard. What was once parceled land is now an orchard home to 39 young fruit and nut tree species. The trees will start to bear fruit in about 4 to 5 years. University of Iowa gardeners and […]

WPT University Place: How to Avoid Mistakes in a Tall Spindle Orchard

– We have Mario Miranda Sazo. Again, he’s the fruit extension specialist at Cornell Cooperative Extension in the Lake Ontario Fruit Program. And he’s talking about how to avoid mistakes when establishing and training a tall spindle orchard. – Okay, so I’m going to… I see, so… Kinda’ few guys were not able to hear […]

Multifunctional Windbreaks: Planting | Brise vents multifonctionnels : plantation

[Title: Multifunctional Windbreaks: Planting] [Farm Treeline] [Narrator] Planting a windbreak can have long-lasting and positive impacts on your farm by reducing the effects of wind. They also provide multi-benefits such as supplementary farm income as they mature. There are essential steps when designing, establishing and maintaining a windbreak to ensure success. Deciding the functions that […]

The Planting Song – Earth Day Song for Children from Mother Goose Club

[music plays] The Planting Song [music plays] Working on the farm all day long, everybody sing the planting song. Working on the farm all day long, everybody sing the planting song. [music plays] First you take a seed and put it in the ground, put it in the ground, put it in the ground. Then […]

Succulent Tips for Beginners // Garden Answer

Hey guys, Lor with Garden Answer. In this video, I want to share 10 tips on planting and caring for succulents, and this information is going to be geared a little bit more toward beginners, so kind of a Succulents 101. And I know that there are a lot of different ways to do things […]

An Engineer who became a Farmer | Technology of plantation (Part-2) – Tech Talkies

[Music] hello and welcome to this episode of tech talk is a very unique platform where we interview and talk to and have great conversations with many interesting people and today we have with us a very very interesting person who’s come all the way from Maharashtra but right now I’m doing some really amazing […]

Prairie Yard & Garden: Growing Grapes

(gentle music) – [Voiceover] Prairie Yard & Garden is a production of the University of Minnesota Morris in cooperation with Pioneer Public Television. Closed captioning is provided by Mark and Margaret Yackel-Juleen in honor of Shalom Hill Farm, a non-profit rural education retreat center in a beautiful prairie setting near Windom in southwestern Minnesota. Shalom […]