Rice Farmer THINKS he can YouTube!

Hello, my name is Matthew Sligar… …and I’m a third generation rice farmer. I farm with my pops, George, over 1,500 acres of rice in Northern California. This region in Northern California has the perfect climate, hot dry summers, to grow a premium CalRose, medium grain, sushi grade rice. The kind your grandma likes to […]

Cold Weather Gardening in the High Tunnel

Hi I’m Erin and this is Our Wyoming Life Gardening in Wyoming can be tough. We are a zone 4 with high elevation and a wind problem. Average last frost date is May 22nd. This year Erin is hoping for her first vegetable harvest on April 27th. This might work or it might not but […]

First Planting in the High Tunnel – Gardening 2019

Hi I’m Erin. The sun is shining, snow is on the ground and even though it’s only January its time to start planting and getting ready for the 2019 garden season. Today we plant the first seeds of the year on Our Wyoming Life. Somehow the first of year has already come and gone. The […]

Red Butte Garden Greenhouse Tour – Part 2 | Modern Gardener

Pineapples are in the same family as bromeliads. Oh, okay. They do look like the top of a pineapple. Yeah, yeah, so you can actually, if you want to grow a pineapple plant you can easily, you know, strip the bottom leaves off, cut off the fruit, and you can actually stick it in the […]

How to Grow Bonsai Trees : How to Plant a Bonsai Tree

We need some bonsai soil. The bonsai soil is probably going to be different from the soil that the tree is growing in; which means that one of the last steps that we do here is that we take the soil off of the tree. It’s very simple; you don’t have to worry too much […]

How to Install a Holman 2m Walk-In Greenhouse with The Garden Gurus

Have you got a packet of seeds lying around and you haven’t sown them yet because the weather isn’t quite right? Or you’ve got a bunch of seedlings or cuttings that you need to protect until they take root? Well greenhouse gardening can provide you with many benefits more so than conventional gardening and I […]

Planting a tree or shrub

To plant your tree or shrub well, first select the perfect spot for it to grow. Check how large the plant will grow when mature. Dig a hole that is four to five times wider than the clump of the plant you are transferring. Prepare a blend of planting soil mix, compost or organic soil […]