The Atlantic slave trade: What too few textbooks told you – Anthony Hazard

Slavery, the treatment of human beings as property, deprived of personal rights, has occurred in many forms throughout the world. But one institution stands out for both its global scale and its lasting legacy. The Atlantic slave trade, occurring from the late 15th to the mid 19th century and spanning three continents, forcibly brought more […]

Lost Buildings of Somerset: The Littlejohn Family House

Good afternoon YouTube followers! Thank you so much for joining me for another video in our Lost Buildings series. I’m Kathy, and I want to talk to you today about Building 19. Now right now, we are in Pettigrew State Park. The campground is right over here to my left and the lake is over […]

Lost Buildings of Somerset: The Bathhouse

Welcome back out to Somerset Place State Historic Site! We are standing behind the Colony House, which currently serves as our Visitor Center, near the domestic dependencies. These specialized structures and the enslaved people who worked within them supported the lifestyle of the Collins family. The only structure in this group that is not original […]

How to Cook Simple Malaysian Mee Goreng – Street Eats Journey E1 S03

From Kuala Lumpur, it’s only a short drive before you reach the rural parts of Malaysia. It’s a lush green environment that’s under constant threat as cities grow and demand increases for things like timber and farmland. It’s an ongoing battle to find a balance between economic growth and sustainability. One of the main reasons […]

How to plant sugarcane in Garden || गन्ने / ईख को घर में आसानी से कैसे लगायें


Haitian Revolutions: Crash Course World History #30

Hi, I’m John Green. This is Crash Course World History. And apparently it’s Revolutions Month here at Crash Course, because today we are going to discuss the often-neglected Haitian Revolutions. The Haitian Revolutions are totally fascinating and they involve two of my very favorite things: 1. Ending slavery, and 2. Napoleon getting his feelings hurt. […]

Lost Buildings of Somerset: The Rice Machine

Hello again and welcome to Somerset Place State Historic Site! We are standing along modern-day Park Road near the former site of the Four-story Barn. During the early years of the plantation, that barn held a rice machine because rice was originally the principal cash crop. In 1786, the Lake Company forcibly imported 80 native […]

How to find the best cosmetic dentists in Plantation FL

Cosmetic dentistry can create a profound and positive changed to your overall dental health and your smile. When most people think of cosmetic dentistry they immediately think of things such as tooth whitening or veneers but there is so much more to it. Aside from tooth whitening and veneers, cosmetic dentistry also includes bonding, tooth-colored […]

Lost Buildings of Somerset: The Sawmills

Welcome back YouTube subscribers and viewers. Today we are standing along the transportation canal in the area of the plantation where the sawmills once stood. We are standing a quarter mile north of the Collins family front doorstep. Lumber was a major cash crop of Somerset Place. This land was originally a densely forested swamp. […]