How To Water Your Miniature Greenhouse

Hello this is Russell Smith with Grow it Now garden products we’re here with you today for another exciting episode of tips and tricks. The question I had come across my desk was I don’t have a drip system so how do I water my plants when you have the miniature green houses over them. […]

Rubber Plant Propagation : Rooting Rubber Tree In Water

The video demonstrates how to root rubber tree plant in water. Follow the simple easy to follow instructions to propagate your own rubber plant from a rubber tree cutting.

The Nuclear Applications In Indonesia’s Agriculture

Indonesia is a country in the 4th position in terms of population size Moreover, this country is famously known as an agricultural country because most of the Indonesian works in agriculture sector meaning that the sector plays an important role in the overall national economy However based on the obtained data from the Ministry of […]

Why Baboons Are the Best Tamarind Tree Farmers in Zambia

How to Grow Bonsai Trees : How to Plant a Bonsai Tree

We need some bonsai soil. The bonsai soil is probably going to be different from the soil that the tree is growing in; which means that one of the last steps that we do here is that we take the soil off of the tree. It’s very simple; you don’t have to worry too much […]

Urban Homestead Grows 150 Fruit Trees in the Desert on 1/3 Acre

Alright! This is John Kohler, from ! Today I have another exciting episode for you! And here we’re standing in suburbia, and this is a very unlikely place to see a whole edible food forest garden with over a hundred fifty (150) fruit trees on about a little over a third of an acre. […]

Planting an Etymological Tree for #TeamTrees

Welcome to the Endless Knot! In this special episode we’re joining TeamTrees to try to plant 20 million trees! And so since this all about tree planting, let’s see if we can find a family connection between trees and planting via etymology! Tree planting for the purpose of reforestation is one of the strategies to […]

Three Year Bananas – Growing dwarf banana trees in your garden

growing bananas in your backyard is a very rewarding experience in today’s episode we look at a three year journey for growing our dwarf banana plants from planting till harvest so let’s begin in June in June of 2014 we planted our dwarf banana plant this is the dwarf Rajapuri banana plant now you can […]

Grow lemon tree from seed – Successful propagation method with practical tips

If you have some soil and a pot don’t throw away your lemon seeds. Grow them into beautiful and fragrant trees instead Here’s the method to grow from seeds that seems to have the highest success rate. And the same method can be used with all citrus seeds. Remove four or five lemon seeds. Don’t […]