Let’s Go Plant a Tree (The TREElogy Part II)

(Music Starts Playing) Let’s go plant a tree! Come along and work with me. We must do it right, you see for the tree to survive and sway in the breeze. So let’s go plant a tree! Let’s go plant a tree! Let’s go plant a tree! It’s fun. Don’t you agree! (Music) First, you […]

Planting 20 MILLION TREES for Mr. Beast!! 🌲🌲 #TeamTrees

(background talking) … “Which is why me and Mark Rober decided to band together a bunch of influencers and try to plant 20 million trees together.” “Our insane goal is to plant 20 million trees by 2020 that gives us two months. We’re calling this #TeamTrees and….” I feel like we could do this. We […]

How to Plant 20 MILLION TREES – Smarter Every Day 227 #TeamTrees

– Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. There’s a really cool thing happening on the internet right now and we want you to be a part. It’s called Team Trees and the goal is simple: 20,000,000 trees by 2020, and we actually have a mechanism to do this. If you go […]

How to Plant a Tree

Want to plant a great tree in your yard? Here’s what to do to give it a great start. The first thing to think about is where to plant your tree. Some zoning and neighborhood associations have rules about what and where you can and can’t plant. Also, before you dig, call 811 to have […]