German Shepherd in the forest/Owczarek Niemiecki w lesie

We’re in our favourite forest Very close to our home The mountain forest Without any wolves & bears Good place for off-leash walks Here! Here Major, here! Major goes own path Major! To me! There you’re Come here I see you Come on A happy Major in the forest So what now wolf? You’re in […]

Cat Stuck In A Tree Cries For Days To Bring Him Water To Survive | Animal in Crisis EP93

People’s eyes are fixed at.. A cat on top of the tree? Upon hearing a girl calling his name Bangwool the cat answers 4 days ago When the door was opened Bangwool went outside A family who was looking for him found him on top of a 10-meter high tree Managed to grab the twig […]

오매 환장하겄네 집에 있으래니께 왜 이러는겨 시방? ㅣ This Dog Tearing A Vinyl Greenhouse Is Desperate To Go..

A grandmother who saved Bal Bal dying from the accident Bal Bal loves his grandmother so much Bal Bal, so pretty Don’t follow me anymore I’m worried he might get hit by a car again if he follows me Follows me even if I say don’t It’s cold today Though I feel a bit lonely […]

LPS- Experiment 42 -S2 Episode 1 (Red Moon’s Forest)

Lenny. Lydia. What’s up? Eum.. how long have you been here? You’ve been working on that experiment for days. I honestly think Kate and Noah might even have gotten on another adventure without you. I’m very happy for them. What I mean is, are you gonna be working on that thing for much longer? Because […]

Stray Dog Looks For A New Family, Knocking On Every Door Of The Houses | Kritter Klub

What’s with this reaction?! Where are you going? She’s going to work and I’m accompanying her! Dozing off in front of the door When there’s a car sound Greeting the woman with extreme happiness The door just closes? I wanna go in too…. I’ve never seen thst dog before What?! That dog isn’t your dog?! […]