How To Control The Peach Tree Borer With Nematodes

– [Curtis Smith] A lot of southwestern gardeners like to grow peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines, cherries, plants that are in the stone fruit group, and these are all plants that are subject to the peach tree borer. This peach tree is having a problem with the borers right now and you see that it’s not […]

How to Heel In Bare Root Fruit Trees Before Planting

Hi, I’m Tricia, a California organic gardener. I’m behind the Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply warehouse where we have our bare root container forest! These trees are just waiting to be shipped out and Keith is gonna demonstrate that process. The trees on order are pulled from these labeled bins. The bins are filled […]

Advice for Fertilizing Bare Root Fruit Trees

Hi I’m Tricia, an organic gardener. I grow organically for a healthy and safe food supply, for a clean and sustainable environment, for an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Spring is on the way and the fruit trees are ready to bloom. Just before bud break is the perfect time to fertilize. Not every tree needs […]

Spraying Peach Trees – Family Plot

Alright Mr D. – Talk about sprayin’. – We’re gonna talk about sprayin’ trees, right? – Peach trees, that’s right. Before I get into the actual spraying demonstration, I wanna talk a little bit about safety. Probably the best thing you can do where safety is concerned first is to read the label. And near […]