How to Grow Bonsai Trees : How to Plant a Bonsai Tree

We need some bonsai soil. The bonsai soil is probably going to be different from the soil that the tree is growing in; which means that one of the last steps that we do here is that we take the soil off of the tree. It’s very simple; you don’t have to worry too much […]

Maximum Technology Farming Agriculture | New Technology | Krishi Jagran

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Clouds Creek Forest

These trees have stood for many centuries and if the NSW Government gets its way, these will be open for logging, rolling back decades of protection of these incredibly important forests. They’re important because they’re absolutely laden with hollows that hundreds of our native species need. They’re critically important for koalas koalas that have declined […]

Starting Winter Prep at the High Tunnel Greenhouse

Hi I’m Mike, I know its gonna sound crazy, but it is only 33 degrees out here And that means its time to start getting ready for winter on the Project List on Our Wyoming Life Hi and welcome back to our Wyoming life. Where we explore the ranch and life and escape the ordinary, […]

E.C. Oxenham lance Oaks & Âmes, un rhum pur jus de canne

Initially, we were launched into 100% rum from molasses with our range of Bougainville rums, which we have diversified with different varieties and aging. And now, for the past two years, we’ve been launching into 100% rum from cane juice with Oaks & Âmes So initially we have our white rum and our Gold rum, […]

Women in Agriculture on succession

In our generation for me and Aimee to be taken on the farm to run, both of our family farms together then that’s quite a big change but in Shetland we’ve been really well supported because we have like well-established farms and both our families and the community has been really well supportive of like […]

Greenhouse Production – Lowe’s Greenhouse

Everybody, it’s Jeff from Lowe’s greenhouses. We’re in the back greenhouses where we create all of our winter porch pots And I think it’s important to know that these are all done by local people with local products that were all sourced locally Which I think is a real boost to our economy. so the […]

Fall Agriculture & Equine Business Visit Day

Hi, my name is Jenny Tower, senior admission counselor and Ag recruiter at Wilmington College. Join me October 10 to celebrate our nation’s largest industry – agriculture, and learn why it is one of Wilmington College’s largest academic programs. Meet our faculty, tour our state-of-the-art Center for the Sciences and Agriculture, learn about internship opportunities […]

Agriculture Advocacy Campaign School Project

Agriculture. Without agriculture, we can’t buy rice and crops in the market for us to eat We must preserve our nature but It is our duty as a youth take mother nature. We must take action for it’s too late Stopping dynamite fishing is one way of respecting our oceans and also be a responsible […]