Reef Rescue – Sugar Cane Farmers – Great Barrier Reef

It’s a cane farm, we produce approximately 150,000 tonne of sugar cane and we do legume fallow crops. We’re laser levelling all our ground, we then … bed format, two meters. We’re only going to be working 50% of the ground in the future. Instead of using harmful chemicals to the environment we use Round-Up […]

Sugarcane Juice to Improve Your Beauty – Tamil Beauty Tv

Sugarcane Juice to Improve Your Beauty – Benefits of Sugarcane Juice – Tamil Beauty Tips Hi Friends. You are watching Tamil Beauty TV and My hearty welcome those who are watching our channel. Pongal makes the month of January joyful and Sugarcane is the special attraction on Pongal. Sugarcane is good for our health as […]

“We are demanding an end to plantations on our ancestral land”

[Ranchers spraying pesticides on Guarani land, Brazil] My name is Lide and I am a spokesman of Pyelito Kuê community in Iguatemi municipality, Mato Grosso do Sul state. We are demanding an end to plantations on our ancestral land. We know that our land case is on President Dilma’s desk. If the ranchers plant anything […]

Inside the Blueprint – Grass America Trailer

Welcome, I’m Tom Kipp, president of Grass America where we produce high quality cabinet functional hardware. The inspiration behind all our products is always our customer. Our product designers are in close contact with our sales and marketing team and our customers. Innovation and quality are the pillars Grass America’s success is built on. Our […]

Vijay and Anita’s Warm Industrial Loft | Apartment Therapy + State Farm House Tours

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Vijay. I’m Anita. This is Vihan. And welcome to our Philadelphia loft. [MUSIC PLAYING] Our style is kind of a combination of comfortable. Someone told us told us we have a little bit of glam style as well. [CHUCKLES] We were looking for a rental that was bigger than the previous […]

Our First (Filipino Fiesta)Eating Filipino Food “Bohol”Philippines !

my mom birthday then 83 years old now Alabama tecum Ogawa’s I’m Gunther than recommen my easy gotta move we gotta get a morning for Moscow will not be pretty – okay Oh maybe guide them over don’t be oh you made food take back yes Tommy thank you guys for watching my channel for […]

Orchard Outlook: Pumpkins 2018

For about the last five years here at Chiles Peach Orchard we’ve been planting our pumpkins no-till. No-till allows us to plant our pumpkins without having to disc and rotovate up our soil and reduces our risk of erosion and runoff, meaning that we’re not rotovating the soil before we’re planting; we’re planting right into […]

Welcome to Orchard Ridge Elementary

Welcome to Orchard Ridge Elementary! I’m Becky Kundert, the principal at Orchard Ridge. We are a true neighborhood school. We’re really excited to be able to show with you our building and some highlights of our school, so please come on with me! All right, so this is the main entrance. As you enter Orchard […]

How to find a top dentist in Plantation Florida

Do you have a tooth ache a chipped tooth, a loss filling or a gum problem? Has it been a long time since you visited a dentist? Finding the right local dentist office can be hard. You need and you deserve the best dental care from highly qualified professionals dedicated to provide you with exceptional […]