Behind the Scenes of the Greening the Desert Project

Hi Geoff here. And it’s my final day in Jordan. I’m all cleaned up. I’m ready to catch a plane to Australia. I just want to show you a little bit of the project and how it’s still developing, not the normal walk around and see all the nice bits. Let me show you all […]

SME Finance sėkmės istorijos: Vli Timber (English subtitles available)

We are the biggest kiln dried firewood producer in Lithuania. Most of our production is exported to Ireland,England and Holland. In the beginning, our company felt exponential growth. However, in 2015 our costs exceeded our turnover. I believe this type of situation is recognizable for all small and medium size businesses. At times like have […]

Amazon Wind Farm US Central Video

We are committed to running our business in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We are continuously innovating our data centers to reduce energy use as our business grows. I love my job at AWS because everything I’m helping AWS accomplish positively impacts the environment, and as more and more customers use AWS that positive […]

Investing in Chatham-Kent: Truly Green Greenhouse

So why Chatham-Kent? Well, Chatham-Kent’s our home. For agriculture, this is a hub of activity. And for our business, it gives us a competitive advantage. It’s no secret that this community offers a lot in the way of great schools, great recreation opportunities. It also is quite an affordable community to be part of. Working […]

The Power to Choose: Pattison Agriculture

John Sopel: Heads up. Watch the power lines. Just keep your heads up, and do things the proper way. Shortcuts could end up being the worst thing you’ve ever done. Hi. My name is John Sopel. I’m the trucking manager at Pattison Agriculture in Yorkton. Moving with power lines, it’s always could be a bad […]

Section through a Cut in Floor, Timber framed Building Part 1

So G’day and welcome back to Buildsum and as you can see I might set up to do another section through video and this time It’s going to be a section through a cut in or timber-frame building with the cut in floor So it’s a little bit similar to our Brick veneer building with […]

3D Printing Farm: Zortrax M200 Plus Used for Rapid Manufacturing

Hello everyone, welcome to our warehouse. As you can see there’s a lot going on. I want to show you the 3D printing farm which we have set up right here. This is where the magic happens. In this space we’ve set up 36 Zortrax M200 Plus printers which are working in unison to create […]

మళ్ళీ ఫామ్ హౌస్ లోనే ‘మెగా’ సంక్రాంతి |Mega-Family-Sankranti-Celebrations-In-Farm-House|SCU


Supporting Legal Timber Trade – Ecolor

My name is Cristian Holobuic and I’m managing the sustainability policy in Ecolor and the related supply chain. We are a furniture producer for IKEA located in Cluj the central part of Transylvania. The EU Timber Regulation helped us map our supply chain and secure that all the legal demands are met During the development […]

Ranchwood from Montana Timber Products | Rustic Barnwood Siding Wide Plank Flooring & More

Welcome to Montana Timber Products & thanks for your intrest in our Ranchwood product line Montana Timber Products is a specialty remanufacture and prefinishing company located in southwestern Montana Our companies primary product Ranchwood is a high-quality substitute for reclaimed Barn-wood commonly used for Siding, Timbers, Flooring and a multitude of interior design features manufactured […]