New Plants Raiding Mom’s Greenhouse Laura’s Kitchen Garden

Hi guys, welcome to Foodie Gardening and it’s a hot day so everybody has got their washing up outside. I was gonna come out and do some gardening but it’s really hot, I’m finding after seven o’clock in the evening is the best time. So I thought I’d just have a little potter around and […]

Global Tastes in Backyard Food Forest |Ratna and Venkappa Gani |Central Texas Gardener

Venkappa Gani is an engineer. After a career at IBM, he turned boundless ingenuity into botanicals. He and wife Ratna grow a veritable food forest in a 40 by 60 backyard. From childhood in southwestern India, he remembers how food trees lined the streets. When they bought their house in 2002, they chose food over […]

The Principles of Organic Agriculture

Grow Organic, Eat Organic, Stay Healthy

Cultivating and Managing your farm I Natural farming I Narayana Reddy

This coconut tree, it has been 24 years since I bought this land I have not dug its roots till now I have not made trenches for it, I only use drip irrigation for it I have not deweeded Any plant that will come near it will not be harmed…. Everybody says there will competition […]

THIS IS HOW MY FARM WORKS! – $100K on a quarter acre

Korean Natural Farming How to : IMO 4

Hey guys, Chris Trump here back again to show you IMO 4. This is great. We are at the last step. If you’ve gotten this far you’ve done a great job and if you didn’t, try again. Failure is part of the learning process in biology and in nature in general. Nature teaches us. All […]

Fish Farming in an Organic Way- Nasar Pattambi

Mr. Nasar who hails from Pattambi and a resident of Kondoorkara adopts a unique method of fish farming compared to others by administering a fish feed that is totally chemical free. Nasar avoids chemically treated food. I do fish farming on a small scale in an organic way. I have poultry, cows, goats. I always […]

Chris Trump: Korean Natural Farming in a nut shell

Hello. Let me give you Korean Natural Farming in a Nutshell. Forgive me. I’m a nut farmer and that’s a nut joke. But really, Korean natural farming, if you aren’t one of the initiated or don’t know about it, is kind of ambiguous. So let me break it down. It is an attempt – one […]

Sustainable Farming Systems: Organic Agriculture in Benguet, Philippines

My farm started in 2003. Before that, I was a conventional farmer. At first, I couldn’t believe that farming is possible without fertilizers and pesticides. But an NGO came and introduced organic agriculture into my life. That’s how I began to practice it in my farm. At first, I said, “To see is to believe.” […]