How to Grow a Food Forest & Market Garden for Free and Cheap

Alright this is is John Kohler with, today we have another exciting episode here in Punta Gorda Florida which is Southwest Florida. Actually having an amazing day; the weather is really nice here in December time and the reason for this episode today is to show you guys a farm that I’m visiting. It’s […]

How to Harvest Bananas in a Permaculture Food Forest

I’m Brendon McKeon and and we’re out here my farm in Tambor Costa Rica and today we will be talking a little bit about banana harvesting banana harvesting is a real straight forward thing but i just want to give you some tips in inside secrets to make sure you get the most out your […]

Farmhouse visits Kim Darmody from Tathra Homestead

Outside the small South Australian country town Kapunda you find a remarkable 66 acres of Tathra homestead run by the Darmody family remarkable not only for its stunning location but for the unique olive oil it produces. Kim how is Australian olive oil different to imported olive oil. Most Australian olive oil is extra virgin […]

Best Carbonara Ever! – Cooking in the Forest

First, get the fire started Now, get some water in your pan Heat the water and pour it into a pot Put the pot on the fire to heat it up Then, mix it by hand Now, knead the dough Dice it into small pieces Smash it into little bits Dice this up to fine […]

Cattle Rancher Has a Change of Heart | The Farmhouse Garden

farmhouse garden i moved here with my family when I was eighteen nineteen fifty-six and had a different life for 20 years after we went University of workers silviculture working for forest industry and needed a new challenges back to my family farm and water from my dad yeah yeah about 18 plus acres of […]

How to Grow Ginger for Profit in a Food Forest “Living Permaculture” Episode 3

hi everybody and Brendon McKeon we’re out here my farm in Costa Rica today and we’re gonna be talking about under planting in a food forest and the food forest that were sitting in here on my farm has been it’s about three years into production and we have a huge mix food going on […]

How to use Fox Farm Ocean Forest

Visible Farmer Episode 4: THE ACCIDENTAL FARMER / Ketut Bassett, organic farmer, Carnarvon WA

Hi, I’m Ketut Bassett. A biodynamic organic farmer.We grow more than 20 types of tropical fruitand I truly love what I do.– Very clever. –– I can’t do that. –I grew up in Bali doing rice with my family.– You have to teach me how to do a cart-wheel. –As a young girl, no, I […]

Get 60 lakhs from 1 Acre Sugarcane |SUGARCANE MARKETING | PART 1 | Pestomatic Controls

When we think about village business anyone won’t get idea what business should we start ? and there is no surety about started business till date who had started get failed means there is no business in village? In cities wake up early work full time with lots of load and return late with lots […]

Front Yard Aloe Garden Tour: How to Harvest, Transplant & Divide Pups

All right! This is John Kohler with Today, we have another exciting episode for you and yet on another field trip actually. This one is going to be really cool, here in South Florida. Today, I’m going to share with you guys how to grow food undercover. There’s many places. There’s actually a place, […]