Bare Root Fruit Tree Myths

It’s winter and that means it’s time to plant our Bare root fruit trees. There are many myths surrounding the planting of fruit trees. Today I’m going to dispel those myths and we’ll talk about the truth about how to plant your bare root fruit trees. Myth number one, when planting through trees you need […]

“Where’s Olea?”: London Tree Week – Olive Hunt

Where do olives come from? Where DO olives come from? Yes indeed, from the Olea tree! This London Tree Week, we’re having an Olive Hunt. “Where’s Olea?” is a mission across the whole of London to find those elusive olive trees. So how do you play? Search for curio-xyz in the Appstore or Playstore Once […]

Farmhouse visits Kim Darmody from Tathra Homestead

Outside the small South Australian country town Kapunda you find a remarkable 66 acres of Tathra homestead run by the Darmody family remarkable not only for its stunning location but for the unique olive oil it produces. Kim how is Australian olive oil different to imported olive oil. Most Australian olive oil is extra virgin […]