Asian Market Involvement in North American Timber Log Markets Explained by FRASS

I am Dr. William Schlosser, a professional forester with a Bachelor degree in Forest and Range Management, Masters in Natural Resource Economics, and Doctorates in Economics and Environmental Science and Regional Planning. I have worked in the forest industry throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, and into British Columbia and Alaska. I spent 6 years […]

All in The Family: A life well farmed

My father basically started the farm in 1972/73. He had an off farm employment then he gradually growed it bigger, big enough that he could quit his old off farm job. We ain’t got rich by no means. I’ve put every penny we had back into the farm through the years but we own some […]

Commerce, Agriculture, and Slavery: Crash Course European History #8

Hi I’m John Green and this is Crash Course European History. So, last time, we were focusing on queens and kings and rivalries.Today we’re gonna take a break from struggles over religion and political disputes that made for so much violence and look instead at some basics of everyday life–the foods people ate centuries ago, […]

Nutrien: A Global Agricultural Powerhouse

I’m very excited about the future and about Nutrien inside of the agricultural industry – there’s nothing that you shouldn’t be excited about. We are the only publicly traded company in the world that actually has a go to market strategy like Nutrien. We’re integrated from production right through to distribution to the farm. We […]

This Canadian Train Brings in a Record Number of Tourists

[UPBEAT MUSIC] HOST: Canada’s Rockies, an adventure hot spot for more than 9 million tourists every year. Today I’m joining more than 500 of them. Only we’re not braving the wilds in hiking boots, we’re gliding into the mountains aboard the Rolls-Royce of trains. The Rocky Mountaineer Company has run rail tours through Western Canada […]